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I recently read this on Twitter. “Anyone with access to the Internet turns a critic”
I’m not against people voicing out their opinion, or against critics ( Yes, It’s their job after all. They get paid for it). I’m talking about those lazy ones, who find it difficult to get their work done as per schedule and finally resort to Facebook, Twitter and You-Tube(And Torrents to download movies), spend their day slouched in front of their laptops and comment (In no way even remotely related to a Review) in the most absurd way possible. Then there are a few others who would want to be seen as someone who has a different opinion (desperate to gain attention) and  would go to any extent just, just for the sake of opposing the general opinion.

I have a question to ask these people. Before that let me clarify that I’m not against those people who just happen to have a different opinion from the rest. I agree that in reality, despite the “General Opinion” Not everyone will like a particular brand (movie/book/cuisine). Some people have valid reasons and express their aversion for them. Totally acceptable. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. At least these people take an effort from their part to try watching/ reading/tasting, before they give their opinion.
Now, to the rest, who are critical of everything, just for the sake of it. Would you like it if some random person, you hardly ever knew, threw disgusting comments at you just because he was jobless and thought that would be a great idea for having fun? You might not like it, you might not be bothered or your might pretend that you are not troubled by it, that’s different. No sane person would like to hear someone speak ill of them for no apparent reason. Would you like it if you are ridiculed in front of a million people, when you are the cynosure of all eyes, just because one random person just can’t stand seeing you?
By all means, I do not wish to state that one should never call a spade, a spade. All I’m trying to say is, give your review. List out what you liked about it and what you did not, give your reasons. Know where your limits lie and try not to cross the line and resort to using abusive words and offensive language.  The person who is being judged would have put in his utmost and no one works for something knowing it would fail, or puts in effort, wanting it to flop. Everyone wants to succeed and works for it, hoping that the outcome would work in their favour. No one wants to be a disgrace and spoil their reputation. People say, one must never give undue importance to the outcome, but focus on doing their part with perfection. Not everything might turn up the way we want it to. We might start working with something and end up with something else, much better than the original intended outcome. We need to keep improvising.
Way back in school, when I used to bring my mark sheets to get it signed from dad, he used to sign them without looking at the marks. I used to get upset with this and one day I asked him why he did not bother looking at the marks. All he said was, “I’m looking at your efforts, and I know the amount of hard work you’ve put in. I don’t need to look at the marks/outcome for this”. This was my dad’s way of encouraging me. In a similar way one should learn to appreciate the effort one takes to succeed. No one is successful in everything. If they appear so, they’ve learnt well to convert their failures, as another step, towards reaching their goal.
So much goes into the planning of a movie/book. It is not done over night. So many details and particulars to attend to, which has to be taken care of, to ensure everything runs smooth. And what do we do? With Internet access just a click away, and just for our pleasure, we mock at them. How easy it is, to be sitting at some remote corner and saying such things. How difficult it is to be on field and coordinate the minute details from various sources, simultaneously with just a little time to spare. Next time before you give those rude  and insulting comments, just for a minute, pause and think about the efforts of that person. If you were in his place, would you be doing what you are doing now? If something is ridiculously stupid, tell it, not in a demeaning way. After all, even they are human beings.