The Self Proclaimed Critic

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I recently read this on Twitter. “Anyone with access to the Internet turns a critic”
I’m not against people voicing out their opinion, or against critics ( Yes, It’s their job after all. They get paid for it). I’m talking about those lazy ones, who find it difficult to get their work done as per schedule and finally resort to Facebook, Twitter and You-Tube(And Torrents to download movies), spend their day slouched in front of their laptops and comment (In no way even remotely related to a Review) in the most absurd way possible. Then there are a few others who would want to be seen as someone who has a different opinion (desperate to gain attention) and  would go to any extent just, just for the sake of opposing the general opinion.

I have a question to ask these people. Before that let me clarify that I’m not against those people who just happen to have a different opinion from the rest. I agree that in reality, despite the “General Opinion” Not everyone will like a particular brand (movie/book/cuisine). Some people have valid reasons and express their aversion for them. Totally acceptable. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. At least these people take an effort from their part to try watching/ reading/tasting, before they give their opinion.
Now, to the rest, who are critical of everything, just for the sake of it. Would you like it if some random person, you hardly ever knew, threw disgusting comments at you just because he was jobless and thought that would be a great idea for having fun? You might not like it, you might not be bothered or your might pretend that you are not troubled by it, that’s different. No sane person would like to hear someone speak ill of them for no apparent reason. Would you like it if you are ridiculed in front of a million people, when you are the cynosure of all eyes, just because one random person just can’t stand seeing you?
By all means, I do not wish to state that one should never call a spade, a spade. All I’m trying to say is, give your review. List out what you liked about it and what you did not, give your reasons. Know where your limits lie and try not to cross the line and resort to using abusive words and offensive language.  The person who is being judged would have put in his utmost and no one works for something knowing it would fail, or puts in effort, wanting it to flop. Everyone wants to succeed and works for it, hoping that the outcome would work in their favour. No one wants to be a disgrace and spoil their reputation. People say, one must never give undue importance to the outcome, but focus on doing their part with perfection. Not everything might turn up the way we want it to. We might start working with something and end up with something else, much better than the original intended outcome. We need to keep improvising.
Way back in school, when I used to bring my mark sheets to get it signed from dad, he used to sign them without looking at the marks. I used to get upset with this and one day I asked him why he did not bother looking at the marks. All he said was, “I’m looking at your efforts, and I know the amount of hard work you’ve put in. I don’t need to look at the marks/outcome for this”. This was my dad’s way of encouraging me. In a similar way one should learn to appreciate the effort one takes to succeed. No one is successful in everything. If they appear so, they’ve learnt well to convert their failures, as another step, towards reaching their goal.
So much goes into the planning of a movie/book. It is not done over night. So many details and particulars to attend to, which has to be taken care of, to ensure everything runs smooth. And what do we do? With Internet access just a click away, and just for our pleasure, we mock at them. How easy it is, to be sitting at some remote corner and saying such things. How difficult it is to be on field and coordinate the minute details from various sources, simultaneously with just a little time to spare. Next time before you give those rude  and insulting comments, just for a minute, pause and think about the efforts of that person. If you were in his place, would you be doing what you are doing now? If something is ridiculously stupid, tell it, not in a demeaning way. After all, even they are human beings.

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  1. Good topic and post, Ashwini 🙂 I always comment honestly in terms of liking something. If I don't like it, I won't lie and say I do.

    However, I will find something I do like about it and give credit for that 🙂 That's just me of course. I have seen such terrible critique via the internet and wonder what gives people the right to be so critical, especially when they are not getting paid for it! 😀

    I do believe in constructive criticism but I most likely won't give that either unless asked to do so 🙂 I can't help but think of that old adage, “If you don't have something nice to say about someone (or something in this particular case) then don't say anything at all” 🙂

    I believe we are here to uplift and encourage, not to humiliate and belittle ~ have a great day!


  2. Ashwini – First of all, I like the way your dad handled your marksheets and the reason behind it!! Perfect way to encourage children!! 🙂

    About your post – is this because of all the negative publicity Ra.One is getting? You have a point, every movie / book is made with lots of sacrifices and pain in the background and is presented to the audience. But from the audience's perspective, they have a right to appreciate / complain coz they have paid to go through the product – as long as it is constructive!! But criticizing the product just for the sake of it – that's what losers do..

    I think they will continue doing it inspite of anything.. The onus is upon the owners of the product to concentrate on the constructive ones and ignore the rest 🙂


  3. @ Lady Fiona
    Thank you for your appreciation 🙂 Constructive criticism is good and definitely needed for one to improve, but it can be expressed in a diplomatic way. Completely agree.

    @Binu Thomas.
    I am a big Fan of SRK, but this post is not because of that or in any way related to that. There have been many blogs where the blogger writes about something from their Perspective. The Audience take it upon themselves to be the Ultimate deciding authority and if they happen to disagree with the author's line of thought, some of them express their opinion while some use abusive words just to prove a point. I wrote this post after reading those other blogs.

    I agree with you that we, as audience, have every right to voice out our opinion, but you did mention “As long as it is constructive”. I agree with that. I was referring to the critical view of some, Just for the sake of it, As you said.

    At the end of the day, it all comes to what one chooses to hear and what one ignores as you said.


  4. @Ashwini, I really appreciate the way your dad handled matters related to education. I think it is a must in today's rat race age. Respect.

    A very balanced well articulated post.

    I think the ones who ridiculed Ra-One with their full heart and soul should read this, I do understand it was a bad movie but just for the fun of it, and for a two minutes fame, it is not best to disrespect or discard someone *because you can*….

    Cheers 🙂


  5. i was wondering what triggered this post & then read your response to Binu.

    some people do that – open their mouth to criticize anything & everything. there are people in Blore, both locals & others, who bad mouth kannada movies without EVER watching a single one. i too critique a movie which i have WATCHED & say what i liked or didn't like. the same with food.
    but for some its fashionable to just crib about things they haven't even taken the trouble to try/see/find/experience etc etc

    rightly put by you, “just for the sake of it” is their mantra

    btw, hats off to your dad.


  6. @ Chintan
    Yes. I am lucky that my dad realizes the efforts I take and is not just hell bent on seeing a good grade.
    Thank you 🙂
    You've said it so well.”It is not best to disrespect or discard someone “because you can”!


  7. @ Sujatha
    Yes. Having watched a movie and giving one's opinion/review is ok. As you say, people find it fashionable to crib about anything they lay their eyes on. That's preposterous.
    Thank you 🙂
    And yes, I'm lucky my dad encouraged me this way.


  8. “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”~M K Gandhi. Hence I always place person like Chetan Bhagat over any of his enlightened critics; because no matter 'how',but he 'did' it.

    Well done.


  9. Using abusive words and offensive language to criticize someone , I really do not support these things. But as far as I think, to get criticism of your work or something else help you to prosper in your life and help you to minimize the mistake you made in your earlier attempt. Those who are getting paid they are important and those who are not they are useless and jobless. I think it is going beyond the line and you are giving them same harsh word as they usually give to other, like saying them lazy and jobless. Win them by polite words so after reading your post they can realize and can change the way to criticize other. Overall liked your post. @ Ashwini :Can I ask you something?


  10. your Dad's reply AWESOME…

    critics well they are there everywhere, it doesnot bother me much 🙂

    the funny thing is some people will crib of something on one blog and then say otherwise on some other blog .. I find it funny how they change ..

    I hope i dont do that ..

    reading your replies and mentioning of Ra one as the movie well I did not like it 🙂 thats all i have to say .. yes there is lot of work put in, lot of money , so many found job because of it ..



  11. We all have a certain write to freedom of expression but unfortunately a large chunk of population (specially the ones in front of the computer screens) tend to mis-use it!
    Critically analyzing a thing is good but then u should also get ur facts right before passing a comment. Agreeing with u..good post!



  12. @ Rohan
    Very apt quote. It might be insignigficant for others, but still It means a lot to us. Thank you 🙂

    @ Mithlash.
    Agree with you. I'm Sorry. I did not know calling someone Lazy was offensive or abusive.And if you think that these are the abusive words used to criticize others, you haven't seen a war of words in Blogosphere. And no one would say no to constructive criticism. When the cross the line and start abusing, that's when the problem arises.
    Thank you.


  13. @Bikram
    Yea, I've seen such people too. Advocating a thought in one blog, and the exact opposite on another blog.
    And no, I wouldn't write a post to promote my favourite Star's Movie. I respect your opinion.:)


  14. So…I wasn't wrong after all…:) Though the post touches about right to disagree in a dignified way, there was this undertone, through which..I guessed mid way that it talks about Ra.One. Hmm…I have liked Shahrukh in a few movies..(Chak De, Swades etc…) but after seeing the trailers of Ra.One..I, kind of felt that..the movie isn't goin to be worth watching…But again, it was my personal opinion..and I didn't jumped on FB/twitter..bashing the movie..and I am yet to see the movie..

    But, I agree that..we have to be respectful of the effort that has been put in…what we can criticize as an audience is may be..that more effort should have been put in one area of film making..(say..storyline) instead of special effects.

    I know..that your post is quite general…that we should air our views honestly in a correct way…and not jumping in to oppose everything just for the sake of it..


  15. @Sharan
    I wasn't generalizing. Just conveying what certain people do. Thank you 🙂

    @ Kunal.
    Again. It is not about a Movie! 🙂
    Hope you were able to relate to what I've written!


  16. You've raised quite a few valid pointers that again border on the ethical way to go about things.

    To me, the blog world is an extension of the real world and the way one critiques, retorts or disagrees to someone else's view reflects the way they think and act.

    Also,the option of being polite and diplomatic is perceived as vintage and archaic these days as opposed to the in thing – being rebellious and abusive just for the heck of it.


  17. @ Sridhar
    Thank you Sir.

    @ Atrocious Scribblings
    I agree with you. People think being diplomatic is a thing of the past and being rebellious is trendy. Thank you 🙂


  18. Dogs bark at a torn slipper and a human being. So are such criticizers.
    I loved the way your Dad treated you. A learning for me. Thank your dad and you for sharing this Gyaan!
    Just for the 'say'ke of it. This just crossed my mind when I saw the phrase.


  19. Its a nice topic and a well articulated post Ashwini. I liked the way you stated that no one puts an effort to get an outcome that's bound to be a flop.

    Yes, people put efforts and hard work to realize their success and dreams. These criticisms shouldn't affect their way to reach the goal. Barking dogs seldom bite – This is what should flash in mind when anyone see a negative or destructive criticism on their job.

    If you can't heal someone its ok, but don't wound the heart! Great read 🙂

    Life's like that


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