Book Review :"A Splash of Love, A Kiss of Infatuation" By Rajeev Ranjan

RajeevRanjan , the author of this book is at present serving the Indian Coast Guard. When Mr Rajeev sent me a mail asking me to review his book, I was completely taken by surprise when I came to know that he is with the Indian Coast Guard. It is evident how passionate he is about writing, when one sees his book. After all, it takes so much of effort and perseverance to get a book published. He has done all this amidst his hectic routine. Rajeev Ranjan is indeed an inspiration for many budding writers who aspire to become an author one day. I offer my heartiest wishes to Mr Rajeev Ranjan and request him to write many more of such wonderful books.

A Splash of Love, A Kiss of Infatuation. This book is a story of two individuals, who are very much in love. It speaks about how one tends to stay committed to the other and how despite finding true love, the protagonist finds his heart beating for someone else as well. The book is about an individual and his dreams, his determination to do something exceptional, fulfill his dreams and live up to the image of a hero which he had painted for himself when he was young. This book speaks about the lives and the sacrifices of the unsung heroes who leave their motherland in search of jobs and live in adverse conditions, with humiliation, to serve their dear ones waiting at home. The author speaks about how human beings fail to notice the value of the treasures they posses until fate comes along and plays a game and robs them of their possessions. The author describes how one feels lonely in such a crowded world and the emotions playing inside the soul. Throughout the book the author conveys a lot of emotions that a human being experiences.

Arunoday and his family lived in a village. They were content and happy but not for long. Fate plays a malicious trick when one of his cousins, dies in a freak accident. Depressed on losing one of his closest friends, Arunoday agrees to shift to Jalandhar with his father. Living in a city for the first time proves to be a completely different experience for him. He is amazed by the various facilities the city provides when he compares it to his village. Soon he shifts to Delhi and resides in the Cantonment area, where he dreams of becoming an Army officer along with his friends Rajeev and Manish. After his basic graduation he wants to live his dream of becoming an officer, but he gets rejected. Losing hope, he then enrolls in the Delhi university to pursue his post graduation where he is smitten by the girl of his dreams, Sanjana. His roommate and close but recluse friend Jha, aspires to become an IAS officer. After a lot of thinking, he decides to convey his true feelings for Sanjana and his is accepted by her. Sanjana is blind in love with Arunoday and goes to any extent to help him.

In the midst of all this, Arunoday meets Anjali and he is drawn to her like a magnet. He keeps Anjali’s Chapter away from Sanjana, since he somehow feels that he should not cheat on Sanjana. After an alarming incident, Sanjana is shocked to learn of Aruonday’s behavior and stops  communicating with him and refuses to stay in touch with him. College gets over and Arunoday shifts to Mumbai for his job. He curses himself for his behavior and realizes how much he had hurt Sanjana, and he knew she would never forgive him. He then leads a lonely and guilt-laden life in Mumbai. A few years later he comes back to his village at his parent’s insistence. Though he is happy to see the village, he is appalled to see that the village has not prospered. He determines to set things straight, at any cost. The rest of the story is about how he sets on to improve the conditions of the village and re-live his dream of being a hero.

I liked the fast paced story of this book. The author’s style of narrating the story is remarkable. There are no ends left hanging. Every character introduced in the book has relevance and is not just for the sake of it. I liked the instances where the author points out about how one never realizes the value of things when they get it very easily in life. How they take things for granted. When the protagonist returns to his village after a long time, the author then speaks about the plight of numerous souls who live in miserable conditions just to earn for their family and keep them happy. Apart from a few grammatical errors here and there, I think the author has managed to draw the attention of the reader and ensure that they don’t put it down until they’ve completed it. After all, it’s a story which any of us could relate to. 

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  1. The story looks very poignant and very relevant to our lives..And your review is very honest…

    I hope this honest story reaches the mainstream audience…and help us realize that small things matter and running behind money and materialistic things won't bring true happiness..

    I will read it..when I will read it! 😀


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