Book Review : I’m Not Twenty Four.. By Sachin Garg

Sachin Garg says that there are two kinds of stories. One is the kind where, everyone can relate easily to it. The other is where one finds it difficult to believe that such a story actually exists. “I’m Not Twenty Four..” belongs to the second category. It is about a city bred girl, an MBA graduate, who is asked to report for work at a remote village in South India. The story revolves around how she tries to adapt herself to her new environment.

Saumya Kapoor is waiting for her official confirmation from Lala Steel. With just a few days left for her joining date, she is not yet aware of where she would be asked to report for work. She gets the first shock of her life when the company mistakes her to be a guy(Saumya is a unisexual name) and gets another shock when she comes to know that she has to report to a remote village called Toranagallu and she is expected to take up a role, which was originally designed for a guy. With just two days left for work, just two days left to enjoy the city and the malls, with no other job at hand, she forcefully prepares for her journey, a journey which she know she wouldn’t enjoy, a journey which might change her life completely.

On reaching Toranagallu, Saumya realizes that the place was far better from what she had imagined. In fact, inside the Lale Steel premises, it was an entirely different world altogether. The village was chaotic, but everything inside the premises was wonderfully and tastefully done. The guest house where she would be accommodated was nothing short of a Five star accommodation. This was a welcome relief for her. Soon she adapts herself to the new atmosphere, and gets to know Malappa, another fresher and Amit. Amit was also from MDI, the same B school as Saumya but they were never friends and did not get along well. But in this remote Village, Saumya felt relieved to know someone.

After a week long Induction, Saumya gets the next shock. She comes to know that she would have to work under the Safety Department (In case of accidents in the Lala Steel plant, it would be entirely her responsibility to decide and take the immediate course of action). She realises that this job is more than challenging and tries her best not to give up, but she witnesses a very gruesome incident on her very first day. She also meets Shubhrodeep, during one of her visits to Hampi, and finds herself getting attracted to him, despite knowing that he is an enigma, since he doesn’t divulge any details about his life, before he graduated from IIM Kolkata. How she manages to survive and whether she continues her job, forms the rest of the story.

I still don’t know what relevance or what significance the title has with the story, but I liked reading the book. I was able to finish reading this book in 3 hours at a stretch. The plot is good and the way the author takes us through his world, which he says (that world) actually exists, is done very well. The author narrates the story in a very engaging manner and at no point would you want to keep the book aside and call it boring. The story moves on quickly and doesn’t keep dragging. Over all, I liked it. You should read it too. 

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  1. I have been reading reviews of this book. After reading yours, I want to read it. Will check on Amazon today to see if it's available.

    And, you are so like me. Even I finish the books maximum in a day or two.


  2. @ Sahana
    I got it from Blogadda as well. But It's not as bad as how you think it is, I might not have written it the way you might have expected. It is worth reading!


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