Sujatha’s  “Conversations “was the first blog I read, after joining Indiblogger. Reading her articles on various topics written with a natural style, triggered me to get into blogging more actively.If it had not been for her, I wouldn’t have taken blogging so seriously and I would’ve been completely ignorant of  the beautiful world of Blogging. The thing with Sujatha is, she can write on any topic under the sun, and ensure that her readers enjoy what she writes irrespective of the topic, which proves her versatility. I felt so honored when she consented to write me a guest post, when I asked her. Thank you Sujatha.
Beauty is Skin Deep
And hence, it is superficial; it doesn’t last, it can’t be trusted & so shouldn’t be idolized or desired.This is the puritanical view of beauty. Is it really so?

“I am tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That’s deep enough. What do you want – an adorable pancreas?” – Jean Kerr (writer)
Why do we, pseudo-intellectuals, always trivialize beauty, especially the kind that takes the form of a woman? Why are we skeptical of those who are physically striking? Why do we immediately scorn & say, “See beta more than physical attractiveness, mental/spiritual beauty is more important.” Can’t a woman be both? Are gorgeous women necessarily bad/dangerous/evil or even stupid? I think it is our own inadequacy that makes us pull down a stunner. We gloat when we run someone down with our high-sounding ideas.
If someone is good-looking, it is hugely thanks to their genes & to their efforts at trying to be that way. Why should I grudge someone their moment under the sun? If my neighbor is beautiful, & my prettiness doesn’t crack a mirror, doesn’t mean I go around philosophizing “Beauty is nothing. It is only skin deep, character is everything” while all along, deep down, I’m dying to get the adulation that she is receiving, & whole-heartedly envying her looks, & wishing, if only I were as arresting as her. I’ve looked & openly admired women who looked stunning. Many find that odd, coming from another woman, but I feel what the big deal is anyways? She is a sensation & whether I’m or I’m not, has no bearing on the fact that she is! And if it’s there for everyone to see that she is totally rocking, why not admit it instead of throwing nasty comments or evil glances? Why hide behind inane moralistic statements?
Every love story has begun with the eyes. And if there are those that haven’t, I salute those who transcended their worldly pleasures & rose beyond the compulsions of the flesh. Amar prem. But how many of those do we really have – a handful? I’m not one of those. I’m a normal, hot-blooded woman who feels attraction has a role to play in all amorous relationships & totally loving the fact that it does. I believe in love at first sight. Retrospectively speaking, the ones I had incurable crushes on or a romantic relationship with, were all men who I had a serious physical attraction to – a crackling chemistry, a glance, a look, a stare, a smile. That is what sparked off the initial interest in the person & thereby, a desire to know him better. Then, once you interact, & the person opens his mouth, that’s when you gauge whether the attraction will wane or wax. The attraction doesn’t guarantee a long-lasting relationship but it sure is the starting point.
We involuntarily judge, like, dislike, a person on the first meeting based on how he looks. How he wears what he wears, the way he walks & talks, all add up to make an impression within the first few seconds of the meeting. Wit, approach, preferences, humor, mutual tastes all follow later & will decide the fate of the interaction. So if I’m attracted to a handsome man, why is it looked down upon? What crime have I committed? You say, “Beauty is skin deep”. I say, “He IS edible, isn’t he”?
Definition of beauty varies. Large eyes, fair complexion, long thick black hair, clear skin, full red lips for women, & broad shoulders, strong arms, tall stature for men is the Indian standard. But I’ve seen darker women being extremely beautiful & curly haired ones ravishing. Though I prefer men with hair, Vin Diesel is one bald man I swoon over. A dimple, which is a facial defect, is alluring & so is the crooked tooth that gives some people their ‘cute’ smile. Beauty is truly in the beholder’s eyes. Beautiful people are sought after & desired. Now what makes them beautiful is your own prerogative. Enjoy!