Guest Post :The Letter" W " By Sahana Rao

Sahana’s blog,  Ahamkaara is one of its kind. She writes about instances which happen in our everyday life in a very engaging manner. Anyone reading her blog will be able to relate to what she writes. Among other things,I like the way she sticks to conveying simple thoughts, in a beautiful way. I admire the way she plays with words and her ability to connect with the numerous fellow bloggers who follow her blog. She is one of the best bloggers in Blogosphere and one of my favourtie Bloggers.  Thank you Sahana for writing me a guest post. I’m honored! 

 The 23rd letter of the English alphabet. Yes. The letter I do not like to see. A Plagiarist. A Copy-cat. Letter sans individuality. A Parasite.  Oh.. Am I calling names? Wait. Wait. Let me explain..
Now, go back to your phonetics and voice out “W”. Loudly. Now, again. Loudly and Slowly. Did you say “double-u”? Supporters of W, try not using “Letter U” for voicing out “W”. Does it have a unique sound? No. It does not. Let us come back to this later.

Let us analyze, how do people write “W”, They write 2 ‘u’s or 2 ‘v’s together like conjoint twins.  it also depends on ‘Letter V’ for its survival? And talk of calling this letter out, DA-BAL-U Ufff! It takes 3 syllables! While all other letters in the alphabet take just one. Can anyone explain why we have given this special status to one letter?
Coming back to the phonetics, check out some words. We will now see if “W” can STAND ALONE
Who?  —-  Hu? (Bu.haw.haw. Now it needs “Letter H” also)
Went   —- Vent?
Dew     —- Due
Wrinkles  — rinkles (Phew! DEAD…)
But, there are minority appeasers everywhere.
So, they reserved W for an important chemical element called Tungsten (where have you heard of this metal’s name? Did the BULB on your head glow?) also known as wolfram. So, it occupies the famous periodic table also.
And then, they wanted people to think that “W” has bound the world to make it a global village. They were so desperate to do that, they made us write “w” 3 bloody times when we write a URL (imposition?)
Woman, War, Work, Wine – Crucial driving factors of the cycle of life and death in the planet from time immemorial. Still we chose to give them to an underserving “W”, which is nothing but a pretender with no originality of its own. And arguably, the most important word in all of our lives “we” although pronounced V, was still given away to W. “V” did get a raw deal here.
I here by conclude the argument, that the english vorld should consider jettisoning the obsolete, vasteful letter “uu” and stop it from recking our lives by vilfully reaking havoc. And provide relief and compensation to other affected but more deserving letters of the alphabet.

55 thoughts on “Guest Post :The Letter" W " By Sahana Rao

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  1. hahahaaa, am laughing out loud in the middle of the night.. awesome post… 😀

    It's quite Weird about this W… Let's Whack it; its really Weak and Waste I guess!! But we can't Wipe out this completely!! sigh 🙂


  2. really mind boggling… i knew about the double-u thingy but never thought so much in detail… I'd love to hear your thoughts abt letter X. and do u support it being removed from the alphabets…


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