Subhrashis Adhikari aka SUB writes at  KHOJ . His blog makes one think, or rather challenges one to think and stretch one’s level of imagination. He writes on common topics of discussion, but his style of writing and the way he frames it up, and the way he clearly conveys the abstract thoughts is simply amazing. I’m sure his words have a huge impact on his readers and followers. Simple yet, powerful it is! I’m glad that he was able to write a Guest Post for me, when I asked him. Thank you Sub. I’m honored

Inequality is the biggest problem in today’s society. However it is inequality that makes us, some of us, rich. ‘Enough’ is never enough for human beings, they always want more. They want more so that their future is secure. That is why we work hard everyday over-stressing ourselves to have our own house, a big car, a big bank balance. And in that process we forget to live our life that exists only in the ‘present’. Precisely because of that reason we started agriculture 10000 yrs ago, to have more food than required for the ‘secured’ future.
However, we forgot a simple fact – nature sets its own limits. The moment you take something more than that limit, someone else somewhere is bound to get less. It disturbs the balance of nature. It creates inequality. That is exactly what we have done. First we have stolen resource (food, water, space) from other animals/plants, and now we are stealing the same from ourselves. Some of us are over-consuming our tiny planet leaving ever so less for the rest. You are well above the world poverty limit and are indirectly the reason why a child in a poor nation is dying because of malnutrition. It is not your fault, but it is all related because the world is a closed system. We always want to make progress in our life. But, even if the progress comes with full honesty and hard work, we end up making someone somewhere poor. Everybody cannot have more than required from a limited resource.

We feel sad for all the problems of the world and try to find a solution. But we will never be able to find a solution because we do not realize the root cause of the problem. We have been brainwashed by society to think in a way that we overlook the true cause. The brainwash has been done by creating a ‘sense of separation. We only feel bad for our ‘own people’, people who are closer to us. The moment you feel different from a particular bunch of people, you will not feel that bad exploiting them.

Our brains have been trained to think in a particular way. We have been taught what is good and what is bad, and we accept most of it without questioning. As a kid we are taught to believe in a particular faith/god. We believe it without questioning making ourselves separate from all those who believe in other faiths/gods. As a kid we are taught to love our country.  We love it without questioning making all those people within the border our own, and all on the other side our enemies. We differentiate in terms of skin colour, status, caste, creed, and even sex. That makes it so mush easier for us to exploit the others. Remember how the Egyptians exploited the slaves in the ancient world, how Muslims exploited the pagan faiths in Middle Ages, how ‘civilized’ Europeans exploited the New World since industrial revolution, how Hindus exploited the ‘lower castes’, how whites exploited blacks? Moment the sense of separation is erased inequality will vanish and we will become united. But unfortunately that would never happen, because we will not let that happen. If we let it happen then all of us, who are above the poverty limit (includes you and me), will become poor. Who will afford to donate their hard earned wealth other than a mad saint?
We are the ones who are exploited, and we are the ones who exploit. We have made an exploitation pyramid where higher up you are the more powerful you become and at the fat base are the people of the poor nation who die of malnutrition. In between, all of us are trying to exploit each other. We are the ones who are not only under the spell, but also the ones who enchant others by incepting the ‘sense of separation’ in their minds. That is the biggest secret of our society. It has become part of the ebb and flow of our life from which we can never escape. Happy exploiting!

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