Guest Post : "Real Treasure " By Saru Singhal

Saru Singal. She doesn’t need an introduction, because I’m sure everyone in Blogosphere would have read her wonderful poems. I was under the impression that one could write poems only on certain topics, until I read her blog. She chooses the best of the words and writes poems on topics one could ever think of. She has inspired me ( and many others )to write poems. I would describe her poems as “Soul- Stirring ” ones. I’m happy she consented to write a Guest Post for my Blog. Thank you Saru, I’m extremely honored

We can live alone, lest we wish
Treading day in and out. 
All success we can achieve,
Enough to stand on roof top and shout.
No song is difficult to sing, 
No wood difficult to cut.
But try listening unsaid,
Cut the silence for that you must.
No one is born to be alone,
No one is born to shed tears.
Bring more people in your life,
And shed all your fears.
Keep a treasure, a treasure of relations;
For all ups and downs of life.
When stuck in storm,
They help you survive…

~ Saru Singhal 

43 thoughts on “Guest Post : "Real Treasure " By Saru Singhal

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  1. This is really nice words Saru.
    However, they are difficult to translate into life .. I think relationships are hard in real life.
    But, I'm so lucky to have a man at least:-)


  2. We live deeply fragmented lives in the modern age with the demands of work and multiple income families, and it is important that we make time for people in our lives. It is wonderful to see this series of wonderful posts here that is an example of the relationships that the blogging fraternity or sisterhood (what is the gender neutral term for this?) can help foster. Great lines, Saru, great initiative, Ashwini.


  3. Wow, this one is soul-stirring as you said and I agree, this person is a true poet! Friends, true friends, they are one of the priceless treasure in our life that worth the safest place like our hearts 🙂

    “When stuck in storm,
    They help you survive…” what friends are for? They are for better and for worse! The real ones 🙂


  4. Indeed! You have conveyed the significance of relationships in a very beautiful way Saru. Relationships are the real treasure, and are delicate too. Handle with care! :):)

    But try listening unsaid,
    Cut the silence for that you must.

    Loved these lines 🙂


  5. As always, brilliant… But this time I feel its more of an utopian state than real state Saru.. There are some who believe 2 is company, 3 is crowd.. 😀

    Ashwini is right – You have the talent to write a poem on almost anything under the sun!!

    @Ashwini: Your blog is becoming a guest-house ha? 😀


  6. @Ashwini- Saying it again…I'm truly honored and thanks for making me a part of your blog.:)

    @Rakesh Kumar- Thank you so much Sir:)

    @Spiderdama- Relationships are indeed very difficult and demanding. Even I am lucky to have a wonderful man in my life. Thanks for your comment Tania:)

    @SM- Thank you!

    @magiceye- 🙂 Thank you Deepak Sir…

    @KParthasarathi- Thank you so much dear:)

    @Rahul Bhatia- Rightly said Sir, we want them for life…Thank you!

    @Subhorup Dasgupta- Blogging is indeed one platform where people shun all the negative vibes and stick alond with like minded people. We are not driven by monetary objectives and hence our relationship is as pure as it can be. Thank you for such a wonderful comment!

    @Sujatha Sathya- Thanks Sujatha:)

    @Prime Aque- Thank you so much dear for such an awe inspiring comment. I feel blessed as I have so many friends on blogospehere:)

    @Madhaw Tiwar- Even I love to be alone but that shouldn't be the way of life. You should live alone but always be in touch with people who love you. On a lighter note, I am finding my ways to be in touch with the Great Great Govind Tiwari;)

    @AKILA VENKAT- Kinda my favorite lines too:)

    @AKSHAY KUMAR G- Thank you so much Akshay, believe me nothing inspires me more than a beautiful comment. I hardly read my poems but I read comments over and over again:)

    @Chetan- Thank you Chetan for admiring the flow of thoughts:)

    @Harsha- Handle with extreme care. I said something over phone to my mom and she called my brother to complain. How hard it is to be a perfect daughter? lol…

    @A grain of sand- Very true and profound Stuti:)

    @PeeVee™- They are the flame of candle on those dark days. Thanks dear:)

    @rahul aggarwal- Thank you so much Rahul…

    @Sahana Rao- Thanks dear!

    @Binu Thomas- Yeah Binu, even I think two is company, three is crowd. But, we should connect with people, listen and talk. It soothes the storm inside you. And, thanks for such a lovely compliment. 🙂

    @डॉ॰ मोनिका शर्मा- Thank you so much Monica:)

    @Cloud Nine- They do, isn;t it:) And, thanks dear:)

    @bemoneyaware- Yeah, face to face is always better…:) Thank you!

    @Arti- Thank you Arti, loved the way you comprehended it…

    @Mithlash- You are spoiling me with such lovely comments one after another. I think now your comments should be copyrighted…Thank you so much!

    @joshidaniel- Thanks Daniel:)

    @SuKupedia 🙂 :)- Thanks Sunita. Talking of company, I hope you liked my idea of approaching companies offering your consultancy;)

    @Inspector Saahab- Thanks a lot!


  7. As soul-stirring as ever! 🙂 I have always wondered how one can have such an exquisite play with words and at the same time bring out such wonderful and powerful thoughts! It's a great gift!


  8. Lonliness diminshes the success and the power which we have achieved.. Friends and family is what is our real treasure!! Lovely words.. moving poem!!! Great one Saru!


  9. Very well said Saru.. True relations make our life so simple and worth living for… Once again a very heart warming poem from you 🙂 thoroughly enjoyed it … thanks!!!


  10. @Raj- Thank you so much Raj. I can say the same for you. You narrate soulful stories…:)

    @Jenny- Yes, they are the reason behind our success and partners in celebration. Thanks for liking it dear.

    @deepazartz- Thanks a lot Deepa:)

    @Megs.Smiles- Yes, it hurts at times. But still we have those happy memories with us…

    @Kusum- Very true Kusum, hope you liked the poem.

    @swati- Thanks a lot Swati. I'm blessed to have a friend like you:) Love XOXOXO

    @BlogAdmin- Thank you so much!


  11. Charming poem. When down and under, we always look for a pillar of support, a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold, a heart that understands…. all that more has been put beautifully here. Kudos!



  12. Its always magical to read your poems Saru.. They always have that life and soul…
    “Keep a treasure of relations
    For all ups and downs of life.
    When stuck in storm,
    They help you survive” – completely agree… in sync with my philosophy 🙂 Loved it!



  13. @escribble- Thank you so much Kiran:)

    @SunSandRain- Very beautifully said…Thanks for liking it:)

    @Sunil Padiyar- Thank you so much Sunil…It's a always a pleasure reading your comments:)

    @Anand- Thanks a lot…Since this poem is based on life, you can imagine where the inspiration comes from…
    Hint – I read an awesome blog which narrates various facets of life…:)

    @Ashish Nandwani- Thanks!


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