Saru Singal. She doesn’t need an introduction, because I’m sure everyone in Blogosphere would have read her wonderful poems. I was under the impression that one could write poems only on certain topics, until I read her blog. She chooses the best of the words and writes poems on topics one could ever think of. She has inspired me ( and many others )to write poems. I would describe her poems as “Soul- Stirring ” ones. I’m happy she consented to write a Guest Post for my Blog. Thank you Saru, I’m extremely honored

We can live alone, lest we wish
Treading day in and out. 
All success we can achieve,
Enough to stand on roof top and shout.
No song is difficult to sing, 
No wood difficult to cut.
But try listening unsaid,
Cut the silence for that you must.
No one is born to be alone,
No one is born to shed tears.
Bring more people in your life,
And shed all your fears.
Keep a treasure, a treasure of relations;
For all ups and downs of life.
When stuck in storm,
They help you survive…

~ Saru Singhal