The Story of My Name!

Every day something interesting happens to every one of us. Some of us are lucky enough to pay attention to the little “interesting” things which happen. Some of us are too busy to notice it. It all comes down to how you respond to, when something happens.

The other day when I was on my way to office, I as usual, kept myself occupied with twitter and music, when a lady came and sat next to me. She was accompanied by her son who was around 5 to 6 years. He was very well behaved, sat quietly without pestering his mom. I was surprised. Such a well behaved boy, at such a young age!

Just when I was thinking of how well he was brought up, I noticed that the boy was looking at my mobile and he said something to his mother. His mother smiled and said “No, you shouldn’t ask for others’ mobile phones”. I asked the lady what her son wanted and she told me that he wanted to know what model I was using. After giving him the information he wanted, I casually asked him, “What is your name?” He said,” I’m Adarsh”, with a smile. No wonder he was such a well behaved child, I thought.

 I told his mother that Adarsh was a very well behaved child for his age and lives up to his name, even at that young age.  I added that he had a very nice name. The lady said that she actually wanted to name her son “Aman”. But her husband felt that Adarsh would be a better name. The poor lady had no other choice and had to give in to her husband’s idea.  Just when the lady had finished with her narration, I realized that I’d reached my destination, I said bye to Adarsh and his mom, I disembarked and I started walking.

On my way, I was thinking of how I was named “Ashwini”. Since my sister was named “Swathi”, my mom  had wanted to name me “Shruthi”. It so happened that I was born at the time when one star was setting and another star was rising. So when our relatives had come to visit me, they had asked my parents if I was born under the star “Ashwini” or “Bharani”.

Relatives “ Is her Nakshatra Ashwini or Bharani ?”

Mom : “Ashwini”

(The same question and answer was asked for about 15 to 20 times by different people)

My sister, who was around 3 years old then, presumed that people had been asking my parents what they’d decided to name me. When my mother kept telling “Ashwini” she thought that, it was the name my mother had chosen for me. When our relatives had asked my parents what name they’d zeroed in, before my parents could reply, my Sister had proudly said “Ashwini”. I was told that everyone was surprised, for they did not expect a 3 year old to answer the question and they did not expect a 3 year old to give such a good suggestion. My sister did not know the difference between the Name and the Nakshatra, and she had decided that I would be called Ashwini.

My parents were happy with the name and more than that, they were proud that my sister, my 3 year old sister was choosing my name. So it was decided, unanimously that I would be named “Ashwini”.

I was silently thanking the lady I met. Had it not been for the explanation she had given me regarding the name of her son, I wouldn’t have thought about how My Sister chose my name. Wonderful memories. Just thinking about such memories would enlighten my day.

To this date, I am filled with a sense of pride when people ask me how I was named. Every time, I tell them, proudly “My sister chose my name :-)”. They say,”That is so cute, your sister is so smart.”

I just reply, “I know, it runs in the family :-).” 

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  1. awwwww..its a sweeet story and of course a great sense of pride you have cos your 3 yr old sister had actually given this name! She is smart indeed 🙂


  2. I don't actually know the story behind my name! Thanks to this, I am going to find out:)

    And this is the first time I have heard of a baby being named by someone other than parents/grandparents let alone a 3 year old sister:)


  3. @ Anand
    Yes yes. I'm still proud of it. And just as I said, It runs in the family 😛

    Dhanyavad. Thank you for taking time to read my Blog 🙂

    Really? Thank you so much Sahana :-), you made my day!

    Yes, that's how I got my name, Thank you,;-)


  4. Reminds me how I got my nickname, Babby. My brother had a hard time pronouncing the name.(people still have that.) So he settled for simplified version. That stick to me till the present day.. 🙂

    Thank you 🙂


  5. We have fate intertwined with our name. It is our identity. I just like these name discussions. Glad to know the wee history behind your name.

    A typos: Third paragraph, 5th line, the spelling of Adarsh. Please check.

    Have a great weekend, dear Ash.

    Joy always,


  6. Nice to know your name story and felt very happy that your sister named you. But In my case as I was one who used to hate his name- Mithilesh(The king of Mithila)it was the real spelling of my name and for this name my grandfather was responsible for it. Though Its meaning is good but it always sound feminine to me and I started hating more when I saw a girl whose name was also Mithlesh. Though people around me very encouraging and always said nice but it was I who used to feel very inferior beause elder brother name is Vijay and youger brother is Praveen, why only me Mithilesh. One more thing when my ex asked my name first time I lied to her and I told her my name Pawan. Though the secrets were revealed later on. So finally I decided to consult a numerologist and requested him to change my name completely and finally he asked what name I wanted to keep. I said Aditya-The Sun but he said what if I align your name , I said O.K.-Then he named me Mithlash instead of Mithilesh. So now I got confident and now it gives the sound masculine so I accepted and till date living by it with confident.
    Sorry Ashwini, For me your topic was so emotional for me and I related it very well and could not control the emotion and could not control the word so forgive me for the length of comment.
    Very well written..Keep rocking:)


  7. @Abdul
    Oh yea, Sometimes these nickname stories are really interesting, just like yours 🙂

    Thank you 🙂 Some things create a deep mark in our hearts and minds. This is one such thing!


  8. @Susan
    Yes,It is our identity and I'm Proud that my sister was the one who is responsible for it. Thank you 🙂

    And thank you for pointing out the typo. I'll correct myself.

    Have a great Week ahead 🙂


  9. @Mithlash

    Oh, Har Ek Nam ki ek kahani hoti hein.
    Nice to know about your name alignment. And I'm happy that you were able to relate to it so well. Never mind the length of the comments, the content is what matters. SO chill.
    And thank you 🙂


    Yeah, Something which I can always remember by 🙂


  10. I'm sure it runs in the family! You're smart too 😀

    I always give lots of importance to the smallest of things. My mom always says that i get happiness from small things. But i found it stupid get excited over the His I say to people or the jokes we share.
    //Some of us are lucky enough to pay attention to the little “interesting” things which happen.//
    I loved the way you put that. Eye-opener.

    Wow, I've never met a well behaved child in the bus. Ever. Or a mother who'd tell the child how to behave. Most of the mothers I met would'v probably asked me to let their kid play with my phone :/

    I love my name too! Its so cool that your sister named you!


  11. @Harini
    Nice to see you back here 🙂

    Yes, I always keep saying, It's the small things in life that matter the most :-). IT might seem stupid or silly to others, but For us that is something significant and we would continue to cherish it forever 🙂


  12. Almost everyone has a story associated with their name, but this one is really sweet. Glad I came across your blog and read it. You sis seems like she was one super intelligent kid!


  13. @Sumitra
    Thank you 🙂 All credits to my sister. :-). And yes, she was every bit of a super intelligent kid, I had so much trouble just keeping up with her 🙂


  14. Achu, I scrolled down eagerly rather curiously to see Swathi's comment… but unfortunately could not find.. But atleast now i know how u were named. They dont tell these nice stories.. they keep telling how we fight, how we tease hari.. all that.. nice nice.. so sweet..


  15. @Pavi
    Swathi had commented in facebook.Good that you got to know “The Story Of My Name”, and I agree, when we ask them stories about our childhood, they remember only the embarrassing incidents 🙂


  16. I have a cousin who was born near Diwali when I was 5 or 6 years old. When asked what he should be named, I said “Bomb”

    Now, in his teens, he has a proper, normal name, but we the younger generation still call him Bomb 🙂


  17. You do have a good name. I have read somewhere, that Ashwini is the God of medicine, and is doctor of the Devas. Good to read about how you got this name.


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