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” All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. ~Walt Disney 
Childhood days are the best days in our lives. One day we desired to be a Doctor, Another day, engineer, One day we aspired to become a scientist and another day we decided we would be an entrepreneur.

When we were young, we dared to dream, beyond our will, beyond our might. We believed in ourselves and we had the confidence that we would be able to accomplish and fulfil our dreams. Looking back, I’m not sure of how and where that confidence came from, but still there was something deep within , some burning desire, to set a dream; a destination and to fulfil it, at some point of time in the future . Agreed that we were completely ignorant of the course of actions which we would have to undertake to realize our vision, but our mind was set on the destination. We dreamt without being gripped by a sense of fear, we knew we could do it; we knew we would do it. We just had to figure out how.

As we grow up we restrict our vision and force our minds to think within an imaginary boundary. There was a time when we opted for a panoramic view of things. Now we restrict ourselves because of some inexplicable fear. The fear of what others might think. We are worried of the consequences we would have to face if we do not succeed. We give undue importance to trivial matters which do not deserve a mention.  More than worrying about the process which we would have to undertake, we are concerned with stuff which wouldn’t have much of an impact on our performance or on the process, per se. Even before we start dreaming, we put an abrupt end to it.

When I was talking about this with a friend of mine, he said “When we are young we are not aware of the complexities of the process. But when we grow up, we realize how difficult things are and we try to remain content with what we possibly could muster.”

This reply got me thinking about an obvious fact. We weren’t aware of the so called “complexities” way back.  Now that we know what they are, and we are in a position to define what difficulties and obstacles we might stumble upon, shouldn’t we make use of the available resources and try ways and means to overcome them? They are difficult, not impossible. Nothing comes without one’s hard work and if it does come without one’s effort, it would be ephemeral.

Today we see people blindly following what most of the others do. Of course, there are people who pursue what they are passionate about, but the percentage of people who fall under that category is very little. We should learn from them, how to be bold enough to stand up to everyone and prove ourselves worthy, in a field of our choice. I’m not saying we should stick to what we dreamt of when we were young. Not entirely. I’m trying to say that we shouldn’t lose or forget the ability to dream big. Our dreams will definitely evolve over a period of time, but the core theme of the dream will persist.The happiness which we get from following our dreams and fulfilling it is incomparable.

Just like how Robert Frost, in his poem “The Road Not taken”, says

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.