Book Review : "Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul". A Book Of Miracles.

Before I write this review, I would like to Thank Blogadda for selecting me to review this book. I’m a person who strongly believes in God, in the faith of a prayer and in miracles. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise for me when I received that mail from Blogadda stating I was selected to review this book. In spite of it, I was surprised. Ever since”Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul” was up in Blogadda, I very badly wanted this book and I applied for it, with so much of hope. Out of the many souls who had applied, I’m happy that I am one among the 10 chosen to review this book. I read this book at a time when I was feeling quite low, for some reason, and I felt as if this was God’s way of telling me not to lose hope, that too just as we begin a brand new year. Thank you God. Thank you Blogadda. God is great! Indeed!

Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul : A Book of miracles, is a collection of personal experiences of people , who at some point of time in their lives have felt the ubiquitous  presence of God , helping them overcome their fears and troubles. This book has people from all walks of life narrating their experiences where they felt the divine intervention,  to help them out.

In this fast paced tech-savvy world, where people think they are the Ultimate, these small instances just proves that there is someone just above all of us, proving them wrong , every minute and working miracles every second. There have been instances where people claim, that the vision their eyes projected was too good to be true and too much of a coincidence to be real, but it happened, in front of their very own eyes.
There are many ways and means by which we can feel the Presence of God. As the book says, there are “Signs From Above”, “Healing Power Of A Prayer”, “Love From Beyond” , ”His/Her Messenger” , ”His Saving Grace” , ”Angels Amongst Us” , ”Answered Prayers” , ”Everyday Miracles” , ”Divine Appointment” , ”Magic Of Faith” , ”Our Guardian Angel” , ”Call From Within”.

Intuitions and premonitions define one’s ability to sense what would happen in the near future, to a certain extent. They also help one to sense the presence of trouble, things which do not happen normally and a sort of mystery that unfolds. One can never understand completely how life works. It is always and still remains an enigma just as how Alexander Pope says

“Heaven hides from its creatures, the Book of Fate.!”

When I was reading the narratives of different people, I could relate myself to many of the instances and I realized that what I’d taken for granted as co-incidence and timely help from others was God’s way of ensuring that I received the help that I’d asked for. When my prayers are answered, I used to think that, May be it was destined to happen that way. Little did I know that the things which happened for my benefit were actually because of my prayers.

I’m sure there must be many people like me, who miss out on these minute details and fail to notice how God helps us all the time and take it for granted. I should say, after reading this book and what people had to say, I’ll keep my eyes open for “Signs from Up Above”.

I’m always a big fan of the Chicken Soup Series. This Book tailored for the Indian Soul is by far the best in the series, is what I feel. I strongly suggest people to read this book. It would help us realize how many times God has helped us in the past without our knowledge and therefore it would help us to lookout for the Miracles which God has planned for us, in the days to come.

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11 thoughts on “Book Review : "Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul". A Book Of Miracles.

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  1. How did I miss this book??

    I also strongly believe in God. There's someone above who rules and what we know as 'fate' is something he decides for us. Believers believe and atheists call it destiny. Now this is one book I have to read.

    Great review Ashwini!!


  2. Ditto to your beliefs. I have been reading Chicken Soup from a very long time now and I sure agree to the real-life stories that the editors collect and share. They are always an inspiration.

    Joy always,


  3. @Binu
    Thank you 🙂 Happy to know there are many people who believe in God, like me.

    Yes, I agree. These stories and real life experiences stated there are so inspiring.


  4. @Saru
    Thank you Saru 🙂 Yes yes,It was very enlightening!

    Thank you Sir.
    Yes, we must look out for miracles rather than closing our eyes and shunning them.


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