It’s time for my share of Sugarcane, Melagu vada , Paniyaaram and Chakra Pongal. These days whenever I think of festivals, the first thing that pops in my mind is the sweets and savories that are made for the special day. Mom doesn’t make the same sweet for all festivals. If it’s Pongal, you have the Paniyaaram and Melgau vada. If its Diwali you have Ladoo, Gulab Jamoon, Coconut Burfi. For New Year she makes this special kind of Halwa, which just melts in the mouth. Yummy!

More than the spirit of celebrating the festival, what makes me feel excited is, celebrating the spirit of being together, having fun and spending time with our dear ones. It gives us a break from our monotonous routine and gives us the gift of time, to sit and relax and have a casual chat with our family.I remember what my Grandpa used to say about his childhood memories of these festivals. I used to listen to his stories on how he used to celebrate it with his siblings and cousins and how being in a joint family, they were able to mingle well with all their cousins, aunts and uncles and it was obvious that their bonding was really close. The games that were played, the movies that were watched, The huge terrace and the compound wall where they all played, were all close to their heart, for everything second was a moment to treasure.

Today, celebrating Pongal  at home are Me, Mom and Dad.

Except for My Grandma, my cousin and one of my aunts, most of my relatives are abroad. My dad grew up in a Joint family and till date he maintains contact with all his cousins. When they get together and speak of the days gone by, I can’t help but feel jealous of how they had the chance and the time to mingle. I don’t mean to say that I’m not in touch with my cousins. The Cuppu Family is one big family and I am in touch with most of my cousins, but mostly only through Gmail and Facebook. But Still, I am in touch with them.  Before, we cousins got together during our Summer Holidays. We made family trips to many different places. We were young then. But now, everyone is grown up and settled in different parts of the World and meeting everyone in person at one place is not possible. Even if it is, it happens just once in a few years at a wedding probably.

In a way I’m happy. At least I get to mingle with my cousins and other relatives when we can. Thanks to our parents and grandparents who made sure that the bonding they shared was carried on by the next generation, we never find it difficult to get along.

Once when I told a friend that I was going for a get together, she asked me the occasion. I said, it’s been long since we all met and so we are all meeting up. She just couldn’t understand why we meet up just to catch up with others. The Absence of a concrete reason was bothering her.

Thank God, I don’t look for reasons to meet others.

Coming back to Today’s Pongal  celebrations, Take a look 🙂 

Melagu Vada


Chakra Pongal


Amma’s Kolam

My attempt @Kolam 🙂
I had a great time today. Hope you had a great time too 🙂

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  1. Milagu vada is mouthwatering.How is paniyaram made?Festivals like these are more social occasions when friends and relatives meet ofcourse after the rituals and puja at home.There is a sense of togetherness and the culture of gifts add to the merriment.


  2. Happy Pongal Ashwini… Yes, festivals are the great reason for the family to get together and chat about the time gone by… I can completely empathize your post… Even my extended family (uncle, aunt, cousins) is a big one… When we get together, all of my uncles, aunts, mom, dad everyone starts talking about their childhood days (as all of them grew up in the same street) and their native town experiences.

    I feel nostalgic and envy those moments. Life is definitely worth it for these sweet moments… And, as far as the pic goes, yummy… I want melagu vada now 🙂
    And you're good at kolam too!! 🙂



  3. Happy Pongal!!
    I'm not a big fan of this festival cos my mom makes only chkare pongal and salt pongal (but I still eat that happily).
    I love Milagu Vada!

    yea I miss my childhood too.. I hardly meet my cousin anymore.

    And the kolam looks great 🙂


  4. What great time, Ash? You had such mouth watering food and we got to have only the pictures…:( I am starving after having a look…And, I am missing India…If I ever meet you, you have to treat me with idlis…My all the favorite:)

    Happy Pongal…:)


  5. Looks you have had a great festival. The attempt at kolam is great, very few try their hand at this.
    Gone are the days when all cousins could meet and bond, as u said we wait for occasional wedding in the family.


  6. yummmyyyy drooling time ..

    We in punjab celbrate Lohri and its all about bon fire and dance and FOOOD .. the kheer and sarson ka saag … yummy

    Happy pongal to you

    I am far away from home so miss on all these celebrationsss



  7. so nice! i too feel same way about festivals – they bring people together and its a lovely feeling. and yes why reason to meet up? just meet up :))
    yours is a lovely family. god bless

    couldnt help smiling at your attempt at kolam 😀
    isnt kolam a place name too in TN? we call it rangoli here

    aah! pictures of food makes me hungry and jealous of the person who ate it 🙂 esp if it is cooked by mother


  8. Agree with you about the Melagu Vada. And this Paniyaaram is a different one, not the ones which are usually made.
    Yes, these days, I'm not sure if people know the significance of the festival they're celebrating, They at least know its Family time 🙂


  9. Happy Pongal Anand 🙂
    Oh Nice to know that even you have a number of cousins. It's so much fun.Whenever we get together and have fun, my aunts and uncles keep reminding me that, the fun they had when they were young was something that can never be compared to!
    Want Vada? Drop in here 🙂
    Thanks for the appreciation on my Kolam as well. Kind of you 🙂


  10. Yes Saru. Had a lovely time, specially with the dishes my Mom had prepared 🙂
    You know what, When you come to India,If you come Here, we should meet up and I'd probably ask Ma to prepare a few mouth watering sweets and Idlis, Deal? 🙂


  11. Yes. Had a good time. Thank you, I somehow got interested in this Kolam and I make sure I practise them when I get time to. It has become a thing of past, in many families, for cousins to catch up just like that!


  12. Of course we feel the same way. We are Aquarians 🙂
    Yes, we know have an excuse to meet up with everyone. And I'm lucky to be a part of a great family. Thank you 🙂 Touch Wood 🙂

    Yeah, Ma had promised me she would let me try, and when she did, I thought she shouldn't have given me a chance to try, still I tried my best 🙂

    I guess you are Talking about Kovalam. If this is done just with rice powder we call it Kolam, If its done with colour we call it Rangoli.

    Ha ha. Yes, much to everyone's envy, I had the full freedom to enjoy and eat those delicious goodies Mom had prepared 🙂


  13. Ashwini Ma'am this is not right, You are showing food to a foodies wish I could eat screen of my pc. I do also feel same way when in any festival different dish are prepared in my home. nicely written:)


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