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Man is a social animal. Yes. And that is perhaps one reason God gave us more than one effective way to communicate and stay in touch with those whom we want to.(Oh come on, there is no point in staying in close contact with those whom we are not bothered about, except perhaps to keep a tab on them, just to eliminate the element of surprise). Right from our childhood days, we are taught the importance of socializing and the impact of the bonds of friendship and affection in our life. We may like a few people because we have so much in common. We may like a few others because they’re completely different from the way we are. There is no specific reason regarding why we should or shouldn’t like someone.

All said and done, what matters is not making new friends and staying together through the days at school or the years at college. What matters is one’s ability to stay in touch with them even after not being able to see them on a daily basis. Anyone can maintain a good rapport with those whom we get to see all day long. But retaining the essence of the friendship, for days together and years together, despite not being able to catch up with the other in person, is not something which everyone can proudly say ,they are capable of.

Ok, Why all this gyan about Friendship and Socializing with people?

Human Beings always seek company. Any day we would prefer to be stranded on a deserted Island with 10 people we know, rather than be present in our favourite hangout place, all alone. What fun it is when you don’t have people to share it with? The main purpose of having fun is lost when there is no one around to share it. Just like how someone said, if you have fun, you’ll be happy. When you share your happiness, the intensity of the feeling just increases manifold, it doesn’t diminish.

Yes, sometimes we would prefer to stay away from the crowd, and keep to ourselves either staring at the sea or gazing at the sky. Either way, there are times when we feel that we need some time off just for ourselves .Agreed. But when duration of these “few” moments extends to a major portion of our time, we can be assured that we’ve got ourselves into some kind of depression or inferiority complex, neither of which is going to benefit us in any way.
Image Courtesy : Free Digital Photos

It always feels good to be accepted by a group and to be a part of a gathering. It feels great to know that, come what may, there are people who think you are the best. It gives one a sense of contentment to know that there are actually people who like them for the way they are, with all their vice and virtues, without having the need to pretend to be someone they aren’t. It is always good to know that, there are few loving souls who would never leave us stranded, especially when we need them the most.

One main reason behind bonding with others is Trust. To Trust others and to be Trusted by others, instilling and them a sense of faith. After all, faith can move mountains. Faith might not give us the solution to a problem, but would help us stay grounded in adverse situations and give us the confidence to face the obstacles in our path.

Likewise, People who care for us might not be able to provide a solution to every problem of ours. But when they are around, their mere presence can give us the courage to face whatever fate throws at us. They might not show us the destination, but they would help us get there!