When Our Passion Needs A Break!

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It’s been more than a week since I updated my blog.10 days in fact. Somehow I couldn’t think of anything to write for the first few days. Even after I made a note of a few ideas I somehow couldn’t get myself to sit and write it down in detail. I realized it would be wise to abandon the attempt, rather than force myself to write something just for the sake of it.

Just when I was thinking of this, a thought struck me. I write because I like to. That is why I started a blog and I continue to write about things which catch my attention and which make me think. My blog is a collection of my thoughts and not just a place where I vent out my thoughts against the society. All said and done, I chose to write and I can write whenever, wherever and whatever I want to. It’s entirely my call. There is no compulsion. So when I don’t feel like writing I have all the liberty to just stay away from it.

I was wondering about those people who write for their living, who do it as a profession. If you ask any of those people as to what keeps them driving, they would say “Passion”. Now my question is, what would happen when they find themselves in a kind of situation I was in, a few days back, with no inclination to write. When you have your mind set on writing, all you need is to think of a good start. The rest would just keep flowing sans any obstruction. But when one is not inclined to write, but has no other option left, what would they do?

Yes, the obvious answer is they would make up something and try to do justice to it. But what I keep wondering is, they chose writing because they are passionate about it, and despite that, writing something for namesake is not something they would do in normal circumstances, so how would they deal with that kind of a situation, I really have to ask someone!

Well, this is not just about writing. It extends to all walks of life.

Following our heart and following what we are passionate about is always an uphill task. We enjoy what we do only till that passion lasts. By some means, if that level of enthusiasm or interest dips down, the repercussions might be disastrous for us. Human beings are never the same at all times. One day we might be interested in something, another day we might jump into something else. Why, it can change even in a minute. And I’m talking about a situation where the intensity of the interest is just a 0.1 percent less. Somehow even that small percentage, makes a lot of a difference. And we are not even talking about completely losing interest.

It is not fair to blame ourselves either. It is human tendency. Our mind keeps wandering here and there and though we might be focussed on what we want, there are distractions and we tend to get distracted and steer away from our path once in a while. It doesn’t matter how much we’ve gone off course, all that matters is, how soon we realize it and get right back in track.

Some people might state that, the above reasoning is completely wrong, since you can never run out of passion, when you started doing something just because your heart was in it. Yes, that is indeed true, to a certain extent, but the level of interest might not be constant throughout. If it is at an all time high one day, definitely at one day or the other, it would be at an all time low. There might be a certain period of time when we probably need a break.

The question is, can we afford to take one?

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  1. Hi Ashwini 🙂

    I think we should only write/post when we desire. Sometimes we may feel a pressure to produce and that only makes things worse, like you said. I have constructed my blog to be more of a 'gallery' than a daily diary of thoughts. It's always my hope that every single post will be of high quality so I like to take my time on each one.

    You have brought up some very interesting and valid questions. I have many passions so I switch between them. I believe we all go through valleys and peeks in our passions. I do wonder what one does when their passion is their 'bread and butter'. I hope a professional can shed some insight on this 🙂

    Great post!


  2. yes this is a fairly common situation we all find ourselves in and you have explained it nicely in the post

    and as for the 'question', you got me thinking !!!

    will follow the comment thread for some possible answers 😀


  3. Ashwini – honestly, even I am going through the same dilemma!! Do I actually have to update my blog every now and then, or should I wait for something to strike me and then write.. If I have to pick an answer I will definitely go for the following – Its my blog, I write and there are no restrictions on anything. I can write more than 5 posts a day, and even write 1 post for the next 5 months.. What do u think?

    For the past 2 weeks, I have been damn busy with work.. And I guess the trend will continue!! Phew!! 😀


  4. Exactly. If ideas keep pouring in, why should we restrict ourselves. At the same time, if they don't, there is no compulsion that we HAVE to write one. I completely agree.
    And yes, I was actually going through your blog and realized even you hadn't updated as well 🙂


  5. True.. I can't write something just for the sake of it… but at the same time I admire those whose minds just never shut off, and they can write everyday, for instance Mr Bachchan and Chintan!!


  6. Yes you are right you have all the liberty to stay away from writing. There is no problem in taking rest and you can entirely afford as far as you are not concerned about the repercussion of that.
    It's The Small Things In Life That Matter The Most- Remember this post-This post is written by Versatile blogger Ashwini.
    In this post what old age man was doing-everyday he used to write on board without knowing his farefare.
    And you are the one who said this “So, I told him that He has a huge fanfare amongst the morning walkers, which he was not aware of.And I thanked him again for taking his time off and taking pains to come all the way and write this, for the benefit of others.”
    So don’t think about the repercussion just keep following your heart- If you want to write-just write and if you don’t-then don’t . You can return to your passion anytime but if you are thinking there are other priority which is coming your way which you need to focus on, just do that. After all Your professional life is equally important and I am sure you will get lots of idea from your professional world also.

    And don’t forget, you have such wonderful collection in your basket:
    -The versatile blogger award
    -“The Hindu” in the Open Page,dated 18th September 2011.
    And My favourite posts which compelled me to smile
    – Someone blunders your tragedy.
    – My cycle story.
    – The Autobiography of scooty.
    So Best will remain Best
    Its O.K.
    You can take rest:)

    Ooops I again didn't realize the length of my comment:( sorry..


  7. so true so very true.. its difficult sometimes to do things which we are passionate about .. but then its good to take a break too from them .. helps to rejuvinate and all that ..

    I write when i want to simple , what i write maybe utter useless dont know about that .. but I do when i want to 🙂



  8. Tell you what, most of the bloggers are feeling the fatigue and it's pretty natural. I think, taking a break indulging in life helps however for writers, or any creative field for that matter, one perhaps gets used to it too. They are aware of the pressure, demands etc. and hence it all falls in place, or so I think for people who are in the profession!

    I am not, unfortunately? fortunately? hence, not too sure. But, someone once said, I did not get in to acting because that's my passion and if I started working in the dirty industry, it wouldn't be anymore! I thought of that person as a loser instead for not following the passion at all….Now, two sides of the same coin?


  9. Hi Chintan. Long time 🙂
    Yes, people in that profession would be aware of what is expected from them and they would possibly know how to tackle the situation.

    And that was a really good example.About one's passion 🙂 I'm sure you've given Sujatha a very convincing answer! 🙂


  10. Yes Ashwini we can definitely afford to take one as and when required in order to refresh and get back on track…there's nothing wrong with hitting pause now and then, it doesn't mean that we're totally out of it, we can get back to it when we're ready…sometimes life distracts us like you said, and its ok to be distracted once in a while…you're passionate about something doesn't mean you have to cling to it 24X7…we writers do experience writers block often n it very OK.

    BTW you have a great blog here…loving it…following it!


  11. Very well written. This is a thought that has surfaced in my mind quite a few times. I agree with you that if we don't have our heart in it, the outcome (irrespective of what others feel) will not be satisfactory to us.

    Having said that, a passion stays that way only as long as it is not a daily routine (except for a very few possessed celestial beings :)). Otherwise as you say, it fizzes out. So breaks do help us to rekindle the fire in us.

    It would be difficult to take breaks if it was your profession. And as you said the work will somehow reflect that. 🙂


  12. Nicely written.

    I guess the this is one dilemma that almost all blogger's or anyone who does anything creative and not just writing. The fact is with writing as with any other expression of emotions in a way & form that can be shared with larger audience, the artists state of mind reflects on his work. And if one is not doing for that for a living, then it is all the more the more hard to be a regular at such expression of creativity.


  13. Hi Ashwini 🙂

    You got me thinking too.
    Indulging in a break is oblivious to the kind of passion you hold for your profession.
    Bloggers rarely come up with such interesting posts 🙂
    I'm very neatly impressed with this post of yours 🙂
    and Chintan really can write about anything and everyday 😛
    Sometime back I was facing writer's block, but then it isn't necessary to come up with something that meets the expectations of your previous content !!


  14. Hi Ash,

    Isn't it apt that I am commenting to this post, after my break!?
    This post is soooo true! I love blogging, I love writing and my hobby and my career is more or less the same. I spend my days either writing or thinking about ideas for writing or reading, editing other's writings. I took a short break from my hobby, but had to continue with my work. And where has that left me? A 2.6 months absence at my blog 😦

    I guess one way of looking at it is, since my passion feeds off my work, I did not feel a pressing 'need' to actually blog for some time. But ah well! It is my passion and although it has been lying dormant for some time, I guess it has eventually built up to erupting point! So get ready to see me blogging more – hopefully 😉


  15. Thank you so much for stopping by.
    Glad that you found my post interesting and I'm equally glad that you are impressed 🙂
    Yes, I agree with you, we needn't always think of what others would like, we need to think of what we would like to write about. Thank you 🙂


  16. Hi Anne 🙂 Long time. Great to see you back here 🙂

    Yes, I was actually waiting for people like you to answer this question, since its your hobby as well as your career.

    Waiting to read your Blog 🙂


  17. Heart and passion go together.There cannot be passion without a heart for it or vice versa.When one of them is absent,the other also disappears.When they do resurface they come together.Doing something without passion means there is no heart in it and the outcome shows the lack of it


  18. We get a passion in the first step because our heart identified and yearned for it. The burning desire will never fade though in-between there may be lag in journey but the same heart will get things back on track.

    Let me tell you, I've encountered few writers who've turned their passion into profession. Their desire and need to write is just like breathing and eating. The enthusiasm never drops a percentage even at 12 in the night!! That's why they are called professionals. But its very rare to find such geniuses and I bow for their never-ending quest!!


  19. Yes Anand. I assumed that when passion becomes a profession, because of the pressures and deadlines which one has to face, there might be instances when one might not be in their peak of creativity. But yes, you explained it so wonderfully! Thank you 🙂


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