At The Crossroads of Life!

(P.S. When my Mom read this post, She felt really bad that I was in such a confused state. That is when I clarified that, I was in a similar situation, Though not to the extent portrayed here. This was just to show how one would feel, standing at the crossroads of life, And I’ve written this in the first person, to give it a more personal feel. And for all those wonderful people who assured me that the best would happen, Thank you so much , It means a lot! )

( For the past few days I’d been thinking of what I would be doing in the future. That is when I came across this wonderful quote. “When you need to make a decision, toss a coin. That way, you would know what your heart hopes for, when the coin is in the air”. Wish our decisions were as simple as that! )

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My mind keeps wandering.
I’m not sure which direction to take.
Should I just go with the flow?
Or set a path for myself?
Should I take the Road Less Travelled,
Or look for something secure?
Should I let things happens the way they would,
Or define the way things should happen?
I’m confused.
For the first time,
My mind asks my heart for an opinion.
They usually never seem to agree
Or talk with each other.
Now they’ve decided to work together,
For the poor soul who awaits their decision.
I’m unsure of what I really want.
This or that?
Now or later?
Am I too slow or too fast
In taking a decision?
My heart is set on something.
I’m doing something else.
I’m trying to bridge the gap between
What I’m doing and what I would like to do.
Will I be successful?
Will I get what I desire?
Am I doing the right thing?
Should I have taken a decision sometime back?
Or were I too immature to take such a decision?
Is this the right time to make the change?
Is this the right time to jump across the gap?

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Should I learn to be content with what I have?
Or should I try to achieve what my heart beats for?
Am I capable of doing it?
I might dream big,
But am I capable of pulling it off?
Is it important to be realistic or to be optimistic?
Is my mind being influenced by others’ actions?
Or is my heart really set on it?
If only I could get the answers to all this!
One decision, which could change the next few years of my life.
One decision, which would have a huge impact on my life.
Years later, when I look back at what I’ve done all this while
I would be reminded the day I took the decision.
Would I be Content or filled with regret?
Only time will tell.
One decision.
So small yet so huge!
So simple, yet so Complicated!

63 thoughts on “At The Crossroads of Life!

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  1. To Be very frank Chintan, I am in a similar Situation now.
    I had a strong urge to write about this because I saw how another person I knew was troubled to the point of being over anxious. I combined that person's state of mind, along with mine and put myself in that situation and wrote it.
    And Btw, mom was really worried about me, So 🙂
    Thank you for dropping by 🙂


  2. the feeling so common…but the words so great…lovely

    i guess no decision is a bad one…each road has own gifts and learnings…each road has it's lows…when we hit the low we feel like the other road might have been better, but since we haven't traveled the other road you never know…i am sure even that road will have it's own lows…


  3. Thank you Sub 🙂
    What you've said is very True. Decisions might probably affect us in a way more than what we expected, but they can never be bad, after all we end up learning something from that experience!


  4. Simply beautiful. Lovely words and great depth. You captured the dilemma and the struggle between intellect and emotion brilliantly. We all go through such phases in our lives more than once and this is exactly how we feel. And I wish you the best and I am sure things will work out wonderfully well. 🙂


  5. Through this post you have summed up my life. When I peeked into my past while reading the post I found myself standing clueless at the crossroad everytime. I regret not tossing a coin 😦


  6. The common confusions are expressed in an uncommon way. Great piece of work. Yes everyone comes across this situation. Some regret for making decisions, some appreciate for a wiser move. But if you don't go where your heart wants, you would end up seeing the battle between the mind and heart forever (purely my point of view).

    I wish decisions can be taken as easily as flipping the coin! 🙂



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