Of Abstract Thoughts And Concrete Words

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After frantically searching for my phone for almost five minutes,
“Ma, where is my phone”
“I don’t know. Where did you keep it?”
“ I was talking with Swathi and I was sitting in the Verandah on the swing…”
“Check  if you’ve left it there”
 After 30 seconds
“Yes. It’s there. Thank you Ma  :-)“

I have this habit (my sister says it’s an annoying habit) of walking to my sister, asking her a question(a doubt) and even before she could open her mouth to respond, I myself would have answered the question and I would tell her thanks and walk away. Something similar to this.

“Akka, I have a doubt”
She clears her desk and makes some space for my book .
“Tell me.”
“In this comprehension,  the central idea according to me is option A, but the answer is given as option C”
“What is it about?”
“Well, I feel it is A because of ….(I justify why I chose Option A)
If it has to be Option C may be its because…..(And I proceed to think from the Author’s point of view)
Which is why, Now I feel Option C has to be right. Thank you Akka 🙂 “
“Get Out”

Now what was that?

Every time I misplace something, irrespective of whether Mom is around or not, I always ask my Mom. Not because she might know where it would exactly be, but she would help me find where it would be.
Similarly every time I have a doubt or a confusion, I ask my sister knowing that she could help me out , not by just telling me what the answer is, but by helping me find the answer on my own. All she has to do is push me a little, in the right direction.

Why does this happen to most of us?

Thoughts are abstract. Confusing. They can be interpreted in any possible way, and that exactly is the problem. It can convey different meanings at different situations, complicating even the simplest of matters.  You know what is there, but you can’t define them, as a result it is not easy to reach a conclusion.

But there is something magical about words. The minute you express your thoughts, the minute you give a shape to your thoughts in the form of words, somehow everything seems to make sense. We know what exactly we are looking for. Once the question is clear and we know what we should be looking for, finding the answer wouldn’t be that difficult.
Image Courtesy:FreeDigitalPhotos

Have you ever wondered why we feel better after talking to someone about those issues which keeping bothering us? When it stays in our mind, as thoughts, it appears cluttered and unorganized and it is difficult to make sense from something which is so abstract. We cannot bring ourselves to understand what it is all about. But when we start sharing our troubles with someone (if we are lucky enough to find someone who would patiently listen to our woes) we feel a lot lighter. We feel the burden is lifted off us. This is because when we start speaking, or rather, when we give those thoughts a definite form, subconsciously, in our mind we draw a clearer picture of what is troubling us . As we pour our heart out, we reach a step closer to solving our problem, on our own. We feel a lot better because our heart knows that half the problem is solved, but it takes some time for it to convey it to our mind. In this process, now that we are clear of what we need, only to find the solution staring right at us (most of the times)!
Thoughts are like the clouds. We know that there is something in there, but what exactly it is, we fail to understand.

Words we speak (or write), to convey our thoughts, are like the rain drops. We can see them, feel them and listen to them, in a manner our senses can grasp. It makes our life easier!

64 thoughts on “Of Abstract Thoughts And Concrete Words

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  1. Beautifully written and very stimulating. The way you wrote about thoughts and words and then related to problems and how sharing helps solve them was really wonderful and profound. I agree completely with you and we all have experienced this. We have a few close ones to bounce our thoughts and that helps us think clearly and solutions appear in a jiffy. 🙂


  2. Seriously, sometimes when you ask your doubts to a certain someone, it so happens that as you are elaborating on the problem you are facing, you end up finding the answer yourself 😀
    Love how you write!


  3. great work glad that all ur blogs solve some issues and talk about some day to day views of life and we hav 1 ting in common askn sis and gtng solved by ourselves ha ha !!


  4. Absolutely correct Ashwini. The third last para is bang on! Yes we fail to see the clear picture of what's troubling us. Unless we define our problem, the solution can't be found.

    Great read indeed. I wish I could have written this! 🙂


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