55 Fiction Challenge – A Dream Come True?

(Thank you Twitter, for helping me express myself in just a few words )
Image Courtesy : FreeDigitalPhotos

I was given a standing ovation,
Just as the Award was being presented.
 My dream had come true. 
My parents stood there, beaming .
I was finally recognized and appreciated for my work. 
They asked me to speak. 
Just as I started speaking, My Mom said,
 “Ash, Stop talking and Sleep”. 
Just a dream?
 “No way!”

46 thoughts on “55 Fiction Challenge – A Dream Come True?

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  1. That was brilliant. 🙂 I know how tough a 55 fiction is (though I have not written one :P). And you have done it awesomely. You should write more of them. 🙂


  2. :-)) This dream is surely going to come true. Wonderful attempt.
    I always try to do the 55 fiction, but end up with a 100 words post! To write in limited words is truly a gift!


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