55 Fiction Challenge – Life with My Sister.

We fought. We cried.
Mom had a tough time Indeed.
Swords were drawn,
 Looking for silly reasons to quarrel.
I loved to fight.
I hated when she was right.
I could never hate and love someone
 Almost equally.
But, when there was only one Ice cream,
We would always sit together
And share it happily!

63 thoughts on “55 Fiction Challenge – Life with My Sister.

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  1. 🙂 🙂
    I have a sweet angel..a younger sis 7.5 yrs younger to me..sadly I am staying in a hostel away from her coz of my studies and I miss her like hell…I miss the fights..her chubby cheeks…her voice..her eyes..her shouts..the way she calls me “Di”..everything I miss about her..amazingly I am teary eyed at the moment even though it's my third year at the hostel..truly heart touching…words only a sibling can understand…good work…
    keep it up


  2. Oh My. You seem to be missing your sister a lot. If there is one thing we can never be tired of, It is Missing someone. Thinking about the good old days gone by!
    Thank you 🙂


  3. good post 🙂 best relationship is having a elder sis like we both have always throw blames and problems on them and escaping is the most happiest part for me:)


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