5 Years Of Blogging!

On April 2007, Just after I had completed my exams, I was playing with my new Toy( My Dad’s Laptop) and that’s when people were talking about blogs. Since I wanted to do something, to keep myself occupied in that long break (School to College) I decided to give it a try . Thanks to Blogger, I created my First Blog in no time, came up with a name ” Just The Way I Like” with a url www.ash-aqua-girl.blogspot.com (I’m an Aquarian). So everything was decided in no time. I was surprised I zeroed in the name for my blog in just a few minutes (Paulo Coelho says it’s the Beginners’ luck). That’s how it all started!

Dear Blog,

Happy Birthday 🙂

Five years. Would you believe it? It’s been 5 memorable years with you. I couldn’t bring myself to believe that it was actually 5 long years, that I sat and counted the number. Yes, it was 5.So on this special day, I just want to let you know how important you have been for me.

You know, you have been an integral part of my life. You have had such a great impact on my life. Read on, You’ll know why!

When I started blogging, you knew that I couldn’t be called a writer. I could not stand the paper work and the art of writing, drafting, rewriting and finally getting it posted.  I seriously did not have enough patience for all that. I started this because I heard about the concept and it caught my attention. You, of all people would know about that. But still it is because of you, that I stand here today , as someone who is capable( at least to an extent) of writing, capable of conveying my thoughts in the exact manner I want to. It is because of you, that I’m able to express what I want to, at any point of time, sans any confusion. All credits to you for that 🙂 Thank you for giving me the confidence to go ahead.

Let me just tell you what was going on, before you came into my life.

Earlier, I used to make good use of the one ability, for which I could do justice. Talking. Some people said I was talkative, but I let that fall on deaf years. It was because of this habit, that I socialized better and I did not have any sense of inhibition to talk to superiors or address a gathering. Perhaps that Is why I can strike a conversation with anyone and hold the mike without a sense of fear. This gave me tremendous confidence, which helped me become a very confident person.

Now, I can write as well. I’m making use of something which is not inherent, but that which has been developed under the influence of another trait, which is inherent. (Talk about the Consequences of doing something). Thanks to you, Writing has opened up a whole new world for me. I got to know more people, I got to read more blogs, I got to read a variety of blogs. I read what 80 year old and 10 year old wrote and then is when I realized how ignorant I was, in not making the optimum use of something which I had taken for granted.

I finally decided I would treat you with utmost respect and I promised that I would take good care of you and never make you feel alone. :-). I took a long time to realize the gift which was given to me, But Thank God, I at least realized it before it was too late.

It was then , that I started updating my blog, regularly and found new ideas for writing.

I wanted to give you a surprise by updating the blog regularly, and you gave me an even bigger surprise by getting many people to read my Blog. Some kind hearted people wrote to me saying I did a good job. Comments, Compliments and criticism came pouring from all over. I was extremely happy that I had so many people who regularly visited my blog. If not for you, this could have never happened 🙂

The Most memorable moment with you was, when an article which I wrote for you, got Featured in THE HINDU.  You know that it was a dream come true for me, to see my name, in print, in a Reputed Newspaper. That moment, that feeling of Joy, that sense of pride, the feeling that I had done something of true significance, something I would always remember by, was a once in a life time experience and It was simply out of this world. It was Heaven.

I cannot Thank You enough. You have created a new Identity for me. I feel so proud to be associated with you. Thank you for patiently listening to all that I have had to stay. Thank you for letting me know that As long as I believed in myself, I would keep climbing the ladders. Thank you igniting the flame of passion, I promise to keep it burning. Thank you for keeping all my secrets, I know you would forever keep all those secrets in your drafts, and not breathe a word about it to anyone. Thank you for being my confidant. Thank you for being very flexible with me and for not being very rough and tough on me. Thank you for enduring all that you had to go through because of me. I swear I won’t play around with the customizations.

And  last of all, When I initially told a few people that I was starting a blog, a few of them wished me luck, and a few of them laughed at me saying “What is this Girl, going to do/write with a blog”. Thank you for now giving me a chance to laugh at them. Thank you :-). In a way, I’m thankful for their remarks. At times when I was lazy or not that interested in writing a blog, those remarks used to keep playing in my mind and that gave me the strength to prove them wrong and more ever, to prove to them, what I’m capable of!

Of course, everything happens for a Good Reason, As I always keep saying 🙂

Once Again, Happy Birthday 🙂 I’m Forever Grateful to you 🙂

Image Courtesy : FreeDigitalPhotos

Thank You for being there for me, when I wanted you the most 🙂 Thank You 🙂
With Loads of Love and Affection,
With Respect and Admiration,
Ashwini  C N 🙂

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  1. Awwww, whatte lovely gesture you showed to your blog. If your blog had a physical personality, it would have given you a big hug!

    Many congratulations Ash on your remarkable 5 years of blog journey and an even more glorious journey in years to come!! Blogging indeed connect with great people! Glad I met you in your journey!



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