Singara Chennai!

Not Just for the IPL, Always 🙂 

I’m Proud to tell people that I’m from Chennai. I like everything associated with the place. From Marina to Sathyam, From Chepauk to OMR (The Butterfly Building 😀 ), I love the active life people lead here. The loud chatter, the constant honking, the noisy crowds of T Nagar are something I’m so used to  that sometimes I miss them, during my late night drives or during public holidays. The constant sound proves that people are always active and so full of life here.

The spicy food, the bhajjis from Marina, the snacks from the shop outside Alsa Mall, the Chaat corners, the Kwality walls Ice cream, the Temples, the Parks and playgrounds all over the city, The MRTS, Island Grounds,Pondy Baazar, Express Avenue, City Center, Ampa Skywalk, Kathipara Grade Separator,ECR, Chennai Super Kings, have their own special place in the map of Chennai, and they make life in Chennai so comfortable ,enjoyable and worthwhile.

 I was recently talking to a friend about something in general when all of a sudden she said, “You know, you are not like most of others in Chennai”. I was shocked. And angry. How dare she says something that way and insults me. She further went on to say that I was not as self centered  as others whom she had met.  It took more than a minute for my brain to register the fact , that she was actually complimenting me. As a person, I was happy, but then, as a true child of Chennai, I was offended. How could she generalize on something like that?

The same day, I left office later than I usually leave and I realized I’d just missed by bus. So I was left with two options, either to wait for another 30 minutes for the next bus, or try some other alternate mode of transport. I decided to take a share auto to Thiruvanmiyur. On the way, I had a doubt regarding the point where I had to board the bus. My fellow passenger, politely and patiently told me where would be the right place for me to get down would be Madhya Kailash and he even told me what buses I should board, to reach my destination. I thanked him . My mind was preoccupied with something else and I got down at Tidel Park, a stop before the one where I should have actually got down.

I was wondering why there were no buses that way. Finally after a few minutes, a bus came to the stop and I asked if it would go to T Nagar.The conductor said it wouldn’t go that way. Just then, a lady who saw me asking the conductor, called me and told that to board buses which go to T Nagar I would have to go to the next stop, since buses from Thiruvanmiyur depot would come that way. I thanked her again, and took another share auto and reached Madhya Kailash. In another few minutes, I boarded the bus.

It doesn’t end here. Luckily for me, I found a seat which wasn’t occupied and sat down, tired. Just then the person sitting next to me asked, if by any chance I was at Karapakkam bus stop. I was taken aback and said “Yes, I was there some time back”. He smiled and said that, He had seen me at the bus stop. He further said that if I’d waited for another 15 minutes I could have boarded the bus and  be briefed me about the various buses and the timings. I thanked him again.

I was lucky enough to meet 3 Good Samaritans, all in one day. If we ask for help, 9 on 10 people will help p us. If we are lucky to come across that one other person, we can’t go around blaming everyone , or the whole city for that matter, can we?

Once, when I was stuck in traffic, I asked the auto driver next to me, the reason for the traffic. He told me that the Traffic police were trying to regulate traffic after many roads were made “one-way-entry”. He asked me where I had to go. I told him the destination, and he very clearly told me a route, that would take me to my destination, without having to worry about the new traffic diversions. I thanked him for his help.

Another day, the signal was just about to turn green and the pedestrians who wanted to cross were rushing by, the traffic police, on seeing that I wanted to cross the road, deliberately asked the vehicles to wait for a few more seconds even after the signal had turned green, to allow me to cross the busy junction. I thanked him and walked to the bus stop.

And some people still say the people of Chennai are selfish? God Save Them!

I agree that, everyone likes their city, the best. We are actually so possessive about our cities that we do not take criticism about our places too well. Yes, Chennai might not be the Utopian world, but we try and make it the best place for us and we like it the way it is. There are problems everywhere, not just in one city. Each place has its own share of positive and negative aspects. You can either choose to look at the beauty or crib about its imperfections. 

We aren’t bothered about the flaws, because we are too busy loving our Chennai , for the way it is and not for the way it could be.

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  1. Its great to know your sweet encounters with good Samaritans. First, ppl should check about themselves before cribbing about others. If you're not a good Samaritan, how can you expect others to be good and the overall city?!

    Yes we are connected emotionally (at least I am) to our cities and we tend to overlook the flip side as we are busy loving what we like the most! Even most of my encounters with ppl are damn good barring few.

    Ok now I need “I love Chennai” tshirt! 🙂


  2. Awesome post!!!
    Loved reading it!
    I just live in Chennai but I was not born in Chennai
    But I love it like my homeland Trichy…..
    Especially this line touches my heart” WE are too busy…..”
    But I recently read a post and I'm against it
    The link:
    If any chennaite would read this they would definitely would get on the bloggers nerve
    I just couldn't think of such a thing in the blog( please read the blog by following the above link)


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