The Chennai Bloggers.

Chennai.  Everything is so wow about this place. To read more about my opinion of My City, Read SingaraChennai.

Now, why am I all excited about Chennai. Oh Yes, the people of Chennai and their spirit.

What happens, when people from different walks of Life come together because they all share a common passion?
A few Chennai Bloggers, At Cafe Coffee Day, Chennai.April 2012

Imagine this. A Doctor, A  Businessman, A College Professor, A few people from the IT  field  and  A College Student, all at the same venue. Forget about having fun, they cannot have something to talk about, of which everyone else could be a part of. Right?

Wrong. We all met and had a wonderful time. And what was common?  We were all from Chennai, with a passion for Blogging.

So, a few of them from the Chennai Bloggers Group, took the Initiative. After lengthy discussions, the Date and Venue was finalized. Some were not interested, but those who were interested, were determined to make it for the meet.

I was as usual, enthusiastic about meeting the bloggers. A few of us had met earlier on New year’s Eve and we really wanted to catch up with the others, again.  So we were meeting after 3 months, we were all excited about it. It’s not that we did not stay in touch, Thanks to the Facebook Group we did stay in touch, but meeting in the Real world is more fun, than just catching up in the Virtual world. Agree?
What was different from our Last meet? A few eminent bloggers were joining us and we were looking forward to meet them.

People were punctual. A few of us turned up on the decided time. A few of them turned up on the time they said they would come. As and when people were joining, we all got talking. Please don’t ask me what we spoke about, because I myself don’t know. It’s not that we had an agenda and decided to stick to it. We did not talk about Topic 1, Topic 2, Topic 3. We spoke just casually about things in general and how the CCD people would kick us all out, if we occupied the table for another 5 minutes without ordering anything (We occupied the table at 4, and ordered at 5!). You get the idea, right?

What was interesting to notice was, people did not have any inhibitions. Everyone was comfortable with the others.  Apart from 4 of us, the rest were meeting for the first time. People were so casual, chatting about random stuff , laughing and pulling each others’ legs.  Remember, I ‘d mentioned about  A Doctor, A Businessman and An English Professor in our Group. I was initially sceptical of how they would get along with the rest of us, who were almost in the same age group. But after having spoken to them, I realised they were the ones with so much of energy and enthusiasm. They kept cracking jokes and making us all laugh throughout that my cheeks were paining, after laughing for almost 2 hours, non-stop.

People next to our table would have probably wondered who we all were. People from different age groups, chatting like College Students, talking about things which were so silly(for an outsider, not for us), clicking pictures happily, ordering almost everything that was available on the Menu card, with a roar of laughter coming from us every five minutes, laughing away to glory.

This is what I liked. 5 people who would have probably known just the names of the other bloggers before this meet, bonding well over a cup of coffee, and having fun, as though they knew the other person for years. Anything can happen in Chennai.Anything can happen over a cup of coffee. Strangers become Friends, Friends become Good Friends, Good Friends become Great Friends, Great Friends become Friends for Life.

Oh what fun, it’s to be, with the, Bloggers from Chennai.

Now, Let’s go back to what I asked before.
What happens, when people from different walks of Life come together because they all share a common passion?

It’s AWESOMENESS Personified!

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