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I always associate summer with fun. At school, I used to yearn for the Summer Vacation when the school would be closed for two months. I am lucky to have enjoyed myself during the good old Summer days. No schedules, No homework, No Tests and Full of Fun, Laughter, Leisure , Games and some Practical learning ( which I enjoyed, thoroughly, I’m not complaining)

At College, we used to have our semester exams scheduled during May, so for almost the whole month of April we used to have Study Holidays. Not that we had to study, It was a gesture by the college, asking us to prepare for the exams, without taking pains to travel by bus and come all over to college, or let me put it this way, we were asked to Stay at home and do what we wanted to, without bothering the College. So, again, that was the time we used to compensate for not being able to meet up during the semesters, and all the Treats would be planned, so that we could utilize our Holidays, Study Holidays well.
So, now you know why I associate summer with fun.But there is more to it, than what meets the eye.
When I was young, I used to play like a maniac, under the sun. When kids of the same age get together, have an open space where no one would constantly bother them, what more could you expect? But then, those days the Sun was never mean. He used to be really sweet to us, and he used to ensure that the temperature was within tolerable limits. So, after a long day, all that was needed was a cool, refreshing bath.
But, as we grew older, the intensity of the Sun, kept increasing at an alarming pace . Today, spending just five minutes under the sun, we get tanned and our skin gets affected due to the direct exposure to the rays of the Sun. It takes a toll on our health. So, was it the end of the good old days?
Thankfully. No!. The more the Intensity of the Sun, the more we desire to venture around.
With a lot of options for protecting the skin, these days, we can easily fight against the Sun’s wrath of fury. The Sun, which was once a cause of concern , for people like me, who used to think twice before stepping out, doesn’t seem to matter now. I still enjoy playing badminton, taking a dip in the pool or playing with my 5 year old friends, irrespective of whether it is 10am or 1pm. I’m more concerned about enjoying the game rather than worrying about what Mr Sun has in store for me, and I don’t have to worry about my skin, it stays intact!
So, I don’t think anyone can stop me, from venturing out in the Sun. Not even You , Mr Sun šŸ™‚
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