It’s the Small Things In Life that Matter the Most!

( P. S  I had written this post in July 2011, at a time when I was getting back to Blogosphere in full swing. This is one of my most treasured posts and this one post has got me more appreciation, than anything else. So, I just wanted to share this post with all of you , Again..)

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 There is this park near my place, to which I go often, to take a stroll. Thanks to the Corporation, the park underwent a transformation of sorts and has been maintained well ever since. Near the Entrance there is a board in which the most beautiful and touching quotes are written every morning by an elderly person. I know that it was an elderly person coz once around 4 years back while waiting at a queue in Spencer’s there was this person, who was right behind me and asked me about which Ice cream flavor I liked. I asked him why he was asking me, to which he replied that he was visiting his granddaughter who turned out to be the same age as I was then, and so he wanted to know what Ice cream flavor the younger generation preferred. I immediately told him almost everyone likes Chocolate flavor and so he picked up one and then when a conversation was started, thanks to some problem in the billing counter, he happened to mention that he was writing Quotes on the board at the park. I promised him that the next time I went there, I would surely look for it. And that was it. Four years back.

Since I’ve all the time in the world to spare and enjoy, I make it a point to take a walk at the park.One day, when I went inside, I saw the board and the inspiring quote that was written and I was thinking about the elderly person whom I’d met four years back and I was reminded of the promise which I made to him.Everyday they are updated with something even better than the previous day. So these days, as soon as I step inside the park, it’s kind of become a ritual( For almost all the morning walkers also) to go near the board and read the quotes written. I was actually waiting for an opportunity to get to see the elderly person again, but despite coming to the park at 6 a.m, the board would’ve already been cleaned and a new quote would have been written. So, I never got another chance to meet that person till one such day did arrive.
I don’t know why, but after a trip, I somehow couldn’t get myself to rise early, so instead of torturing me and my snooze button, I decided it would be wise to go in the evenings to the park. On one such day, while walking, I thought I saw a familiar face. Yes he was the elderly person whom I’d met four years back and Since I had my doubts, I reduced my pace of walking and waited till he went near the board. Now It was clear to me that he was the person whom I was longing to meet.
Image Courtesy : Dreamstime
I went near him and said “Good Evening Sir, Have you come to write another quote, for today?”. He seemed surprised at my recognizing him, and he said Yes yes, I’ve come to write. I told him that He was doing a great job and in fact he was helping all of us. He questioned me, asking what kind of help he did. I said, He wrote such beautiful and inspiring quotes on the board, and most of us who come to the park, make it a point to look at them the first thing as we entered and it was a good way to start our day.And I told him, you , of all people, in all these years must know what a good start to a day, can do. He looked at me with so much happiness and gratitude and said,
“Thank you so much for telling me this. This made my day. I’m happy that there is at least one person who appreciates what I do and I’m even more happy to hear it from someone as young as you. thank you so much for taking time to come and tell me this”.
I was confused. I told him that, I was actually looking forward to meeting up with him and thanking him with all my heart.and I was lucky enough that I got to see him. I told him that, All the morning walkers, make it a point to stand and read those wonderful words which were written and I’ve even heard many people say looking at the board, ” we should meet up this person one day, he’s doing a good job”.SO it was in fact the other way round. He was the one who gave us all,a good start to what could have been a challenging or any kind of day. So, I told him that He has a huge fanfare amongst the morning walkers, which he was not aware of.And I thanked him again for taking his time off and taking pains to come all the way and write this, for the benefit of others. We had a conversation for about 10 minutes in which he said, ” God bless you child, you seem smart and ‘m sure you’ll go places, wherever you are, in whatever you do. Any help, please call me”. I thanked him again and left.
While walking back, I couldn’t stop thinking of that Elderly person, whom I held in much more regards and respect than ever before. He was doing such a good thing and I realized by the reaction on his face that not many people were acknowledging his efforts and appreciating him and giving him some kind of a feedback. And just a small remark from me, it made his day.

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  1. SO veyr true jsut a small word , a small remark can make a day for anyone .. I think the problem we have is that we say we would like ot meet this person or say this but other things take over ..

    you did great and look at all those beautiful wishes you got 🙂

    just a little appreciation goes a long long way ..



  2. Ashwini,

    True. A small gesture in terms of care, recognisation, acknowledgement means a lot to many. As, we might not understand the level of attachment they have with it. I am glad you did you part.

    Good Job. Good Post.


  3. Thank you for reposting this post. The gesture by him and by you, both were wonderful. Two genuinely good people you two are. Both the deeds were selfless. About the elderly person, he surely doesnot know how many lives he has tocuhed in this selfless gesture of his. Wonderful read!


  4. Very nice gesture by you Ashwini. Definitely small things such as these matter a lot. No matter how old we become, we always want someone to love us and appreciate us. Very beautiful post. I am sure you have the nice old man's blessings for what you did. 🙂


  5. so you met Tiruvalluvar thatha and didn't tell anyone?….glad you finally got the opportunity to tell him about it in person..there are many people we think about meeting but never get to meet at all……you can atleast cross this one off your list..


  6. Sometimes what we consider to be a trivial matter ends up making a world of difference to someone else. The little joys of life are to discover such people like the thatha who inspires a park-full of people with his quotes 🙂

    Well written – thanks for sharing!


  7. It may have been a small thing for you , but it was some thing valuable and priceless for the old man. At some point of time, we all crave for appreciation, recognition and acknowledgement from others.
    You have done a great job !


  8. How true they are..such strange acquaintances, simple and small words that make a huge impact in our lives!! Thanks for re-posting them Ash..


  9. Yes. We Dream of big things and we even go about realizing them. But these small things, small joys, seem to take a backseat and in fact those are the toughest ones to realize or accomplish!
    Thank you 🙂


  10. A small gesture is all that's needed to bring a smile back! Am sure he will remember you the way you remember him and will encourage him to continue the deed he's doing.

    Great that you shared it with us Ashwini.


  11. Totally agree… A small gesture or a quote can make a great beginning of the day. We tend to overlook or ignore completely. It does make a huge difference in shaping the course of the day 🙂

    Great read Ashwini 🙂


  12. Appreciation and kindness are the greatest gifts that we can give anyone. I'm so proud of you dear Ashwini for your thoughtful gesture. I'm glad you told that person of the invaluable gift he has been giving to people.

    Glad to have stopped by.

    Joy always,


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