Before I begin this post, let me tell you, I’m obsessed with this Laughing Phenomenon. You don’t understand? Ok, Read my earlier post on, Laughing Your Way to a 100 Years of Life!
Now that you have a fair idea, Read on.
I’m a big fan of “Just for Laughs Gags”. The music with which the show starts, is just amazing. I used to watch it when it was aired in Pogo and now I make it a point to watch it when it is aired in Zee Cafe.
If you ask me to mention one reason why I would watch it again and again, I have that one very reason. The show makes me smile. It makes me laugh (which in turn would increase my lifespan, {Yes, I believe in that} ), It makes me laugh like I’ve nothing to be bothered about and makes my heart light and my mind fresh. It rejuvenates me!
Whenever I used to feel weighed down by thinking a lot, I used to try and divert my mind and focus on something which would make me feel better. Tom and Jerry, have for long helped me in that aspect. Every worry would just vanish when I see them. I owe them a lot. A little later, I happened to watch “Just for Laughs” and there is no looking back ever since. They seem to work wonders for me, just when I need one. The timing is worth mentioning.
The other day, I had come home early from work and I was watching this episode of “Just for Laughs”, as usual rolling with laughter till it hurt. Only then I realized how Life could be better if we adopted a few, err..”principles” from the show. Allow me to elaborate.
Laugh. A lot.
I am a person, who starts laughing at the drop of a hat! All that I have to do is, to either see someone else laughing or hear someone else laughing. Now that’s not the point. The point is that, at any time irrespective of whether I’m sad or upset, I can start laughing  and believe me that is exactly what I would be looking forward to , given the state of my mind. Laughing is so easy. A great Stress Buster. I have this ringtone which would make me laugh every time I listen to it. So when I feel things aren’t going the way I want them to, I listen to it. Sometimes I think of a funny cartoon, or a joke or some incident and divert my mind.
This show would definitely help you laugh, a Lot!
Don’t take life TOO seriously.
I stress on the word “Too”. Yes, Life has to be taken with the right spirit. We need to know when to take things light and when we have to sit up and take things seriously. But the problem with most of us is that, we tend to take it a bit too seriously. Yes, work is important, I totally agree. But there are  other things which are as important as work. Like Family, friends, leisure activities and hobbies. They provide us the relaxation which we need after a hard day’s work. They refill our energy levels and help us take some time off work. So give importance to the other small things in life as well.
The people on the show play small (harmless) pranks on others. Come on, what is Life without a bit of fun now and then?
 Spend time for others.
Ok, Enough about ourselves. There are so many people who are facing the same troubles as we are. Why not take some time off and spend it with them, helping them come out of their miseries, assuring them that everything would be fine and making them laugh? In a way, that would help us also.That moment when you see someone smiling because of you, the sense of contentment that comes, cannot be expressed even by Wordsworth!
When you watch the show you would be amazed by how much people spend time for others without thinking twice.
Help others irrespective of who they are.
This is something which I don’t come across often. Even I hesitate to help a total stranger, if the situation is slightly suspicious. But here, in this Show, people  never hesitate to extend a helping hand, irrespective of what colour, age or occupation the person is. I was amazed at the spirit of those people. They have no idea who they are helping, but they have it in them to help others. Wouldn’t  the world be a lot better if we helped those around us? What goes around, comes around. So when we are in dire need of help, we would definitely be helped by others in some way.
Having said so, All of us wish Life was better. We tend to feel that others live more comfortably than us and things always seem to work fine for all others, but for us. Just Remember one thing, you might complain about the way you live, but there are probably a few people who would do anything to lead a live that you live. So if there is one thing we should all learn,  it would be to have a sense of content. Being content with what we have, honestly, will take us a long way in the journey of Life.
So stay simple. Don’t complicate things. Watch “Just for Laughs”  and laugh to your heart’s content!