” Twenty years from now you would be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do, than by the ones that you did do”

~ Mark Twain

When I was Young and people asked me what I wanted to become when I grew up, I would say Engineer, Doctor,or Teacher. Perhaps those were the professions I was aware of, way back then. Recently I happened to read a friend’s Blog on her “Dream Career” and she had listed about ten of them and justified why she preferred that as a career. So that got me thinking, and here is my list


Yes. This dream has become a reality and I’m enjoying every bit of it. When I was young, I was fascinated by computers. They just seemed like magic. They made my drawings easier and I just loved the concept of the keyboard. My dad introduced me to computer games when I was in 3rdand I made up my mind that in future I would choose a career where I would have to work with Computers. Now almost every one works with PC, Still It’s nice to know that what I write, forms the backbone for what runs on the screens for rest of those who use the system.


I was born in a family where 99 percent of the members worked in a Bank. It all started with Grandpa, Who worked with the Reserve Bank for about 40 years.  So I was naturally inclined to choosing this, and follow the steps of my Grandpa . I thought that it would feel great and important to handle so much of cash, on a daily basis. The new notes and the shinning coins which Grandpa used to have in his bag, gave me another reason.


When I was at school, I looked at many teachers and decided that if I were to become a teacher, I would never behave the way they did. I looked at a few other teachers and decided that, if I were to ever become a teacher, I would be exactly the way they were. Almost 90 percent of us would have dreamed to become a teacher, mainly because we have a fairly good idea of what it is all about. So that was in a corner of my mind, to become a teacher (for kindergarten or up to the 5th grade), and mould the lives of young minds, and to be the kind of teacher which I wanted, when I was a student.


This is primarily due to an overdose of reading books which involved criminal cases being framed against innocent people and how the lawyer manoeuvres the case in a planned, systematic and meticulous manner, challenging the wits of the mastermind criminals and bringing justice to those who deserve it. The one advantage I have in this aspect is, the ability to talk my way out from trouble, or the ability to talk with full confidence about something which I am totally ignorant of, and yet make an impression of being thoroughly knowledgeable in that topic/field.( This has actually worked!, Many a time)I know it is not as easy as it seems, but come on, is there anything which is easy for the first attempt?

News Reader

Thanks to my loud and clear voice, I always volunteered at school and college to read out lines from the chapters. I was a favourite for my English Teachers throughout school(and I studied in 3 different schools), so I used to be picked for reading out passages to the class. I guess that is what inspired me. One of my English teachers even suggested it for me. That sounded very interesting, and I’m still trying my hands with news reading. These days even for News Readers, the TV Channels are asking for a Degree in Journalism. Sigh. But I’ll never stop trying.

Marketing /Sales

Yes. I’m totally aware that they are different terms, marketing and Sales. This choice is because of Dad. Dad is into Sales and All through my life, I’ve listened to him speak about setting Targets and achieving them and even surpassing them, competing with yourself to perform even better. Marketing is something I’ve come across so many times and being a Blogger, I am slightly aware of what is to be expected. Well, I’m not able to articulate my reason well. Still, this is something I would want to learn and implement, that is, if someone gave me the chance to.


Well Finally. I’ve been telling people in my Blog that I was not serious about writing, till about a year back. Thanks to Blogging, I found out that I was capable of writing, in a manner that was considered pleasing to read. I used to write whenever I felt like, but then after College when I had so much time to spare, Indi blogger sent me a mail about some contest and I wanted to give a serious shot to writing more and writing better. Indi blogger did the trick for me. Now it’s been over 5 years since I started writing, I can see the way my writing has evolved and I earnestly hope that One fine day, I would make it big.

Event Manager

I get along well with people. Irrespective of who the person Is, I would be able to strike a conversation and talk with people whom I meet casually. Thanks to my English Ma’am, who gave me my first chance, which I took up as a challenge, I have compered for most of the functions in the four years I was at college. It is easy to determine what the audience expect for different situations. I think I can handle it well. Thanks to my Lead, I’m the HR Coordinator for my team of 40 at work. So I would get another chance to really know if I can pull it off.

This is my Wishlist, and I seriously would want to give them all a try and I wouldn’t just want to take it with me to the grave, as An Unfulfilled Wishlist.

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