When you need a favour, and you think others can help you in the process, never hesitate to ask.
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I’ve come across people who are so hesitant to open their mouth and ask others for help. Come on how do you expect someone to help you, if you decide to keep quiet? How would the other person be even remotely aware of what you need? Yes, I agree that not everyone would agree to help you as soon as you request them, but how would you know? How can you generalize that everyone would turn you down? I don’t see the logic behind this hesitant nature of some people.
When I had to travel to Ambattur(Chennai) for my training, I had to alight at Ambit IT Park, which is exactly between the regular bus stop and the terminus. Since there is also another IT park, a few minutes away from where I have to alight the bus, most of the buses make it a point to stop at Ambit. On very rare occasions, the conductors used to tell us that the driver wouldn’t stop at Ambit. On such rare occasions I would walk up to the driver and request him in a humble way saying “ Driver Anna, can you please stop the bus at Ambit, there are about 10 of us who have to get down”. Some of them readily oblige. A few of them fret and fume, but with another “Please Anna” they would stop. I would make it a point to thank them and leave.
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Once, I received a gift voucher from Westside. I conveniently forgot to look for the date at which the voucher’s validity expires. One Sunday, I decided to go for shopping and thought I could make good use of the voucher. After shopping for my heart’s content, I gave my card to the cashier and also informed him about the gift voucher and handed it over to him. He looked at it and said, “Sorry Ma’am the voucher’s validity has expired”. I refused to believe and I asked him the date of expiry. He said “Yesterday”. I was like, “Oh God. I forgot to look at the date carefully. Can you please check it with someone if I could use it today? Just one day, right Please?” He asked me to wait for a minute and went inside, spoke to someone. Another lady came out with him and said the voucher couldn’t be redeemed. I said “Ma’am it’s just a day, can you please do something about it”. They asked me for my membership card and checked a few details, made me wait for a few minutes, (which I did, with the most innocent look) and then they said “Ok, No problem we’ll use the voucher”.
I have been lucky at both the instances, plainly because I did not hesitate to ask. Both the driver and the cashier could have said No to me. I’m sure I would not have been unhappy then, because, I asked them. It is always better to ask and take No for an answer, than to refrain from asking and assume everything.
Even when I pray, after initially offering a word of Thanks, I ask God for everything that I can think of. Everything that I needed, need, will need, will probably need, might need, everything, to be on the safer side. There is absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain. In future, I wouldn’t want to stand empty handed and God telling me from above,” You did not tell me what you wanted!”. But yes, God does know what to give others, but then there are so many people here, and I don’t want to take any chances ,you see.
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Most of the times, people do not hesitate to help others, except under certain circumstances which can be 
understood. Let us leave those people who are not bothered to lend a helping hand to those in distress. So when there are so many good hearted souls who would come to help others, just like that, would it be fair on our part to stay quiet and expect others to come around and ask if we need anything? And if nobody turns up to ask, would saying “Nobody is helpful here, No one wants to help others here “, be fair?
So All that I’m saying is : Ask. Just Ask. Don’t hesitate. If they say Yes, well and good. If they say No, good, at least you can be happy you asked and you knew what their answer was, without leaving any room for suspense.
I hope you get it.