A few days back ,during one of my conversations with God, he told me something which even my parents are unaware of. He told me that I was supposed to have been their first child and that my sister should have been born after me.

What happened was, a few months before I was scheduled to be born, God felt that my parents  desired   a lovable child who would be healthy, happy, smiling, good natured, in short the perfect child every parent desired for. God then looked at me and said,” Ashwini (My star name) , these people are wonderful (my parents) and I cannot disappoint them  by sending you. You are a nice person, but they are not looking for someone like you, You will have to wait”. I was disappointed, but I did not want to upset God and told him “Never Mind, I’ll wait”. Seeing my forlorn face, God told me that I could choose which angel could take my place.
I looked around and my eyes found the exact angel my parents were looking for. She was cute, innocent, lovable and her face was so radiant. I decided she would go in before me and I would follow her, in a few years.

After 2 and a half years, when it was time for me to go, God said “You know, everything happens for a good reason. You were disappointed that day, when I said you would have to wait. But see, You were not what they were looking for then. But Now, they are looking for someone who would be different. Now, they are looking for someone like you. They would be very happy with you and the way you turn out. I’m not going to waste your time. I  will not make you wait any further. Your time has come to leave. My wishes will always be with you, Stay in touch, Will Miss you (;P) !”

Life is always fair, if you ask me. Everything happens for a good reason. If at certain times we feel it isn’t, it is always for our good then. If things do not happen the way we want them to, It doesn’t mean it’s our mistake. It’s just the Situation. Heaven hides from its creatures, the book of Fate. You might not know the reason for the way things are happening, but someone above, does. He plans meticulously to make sure everything goes on well, exactly the way we wish.

After all, being at the right place, at the right time, is what matters.

And now, for those who say I keep bossing over my sis, you know where and how it all started *wink* 🙂