That Weird Sense of Loyalty!

Just the other day, I was into some serious thinking. It’s been about a year since I started earning and I STILL haven’t bought something significant for myself. I’ve spent mostly on apparel, food and entertainment. But now, I wanted to treat myself with something special, for all those days of working hard (yes!!!)

First I decided I would get a good watch for me. No, My sister had already done that. She gifted me a beautiful watch on my birthday. Sunglasses? No, my sister had already got me a branded one. Mobile? No. My dad had got me the very phone I wanted. I had wanted to use a QWERTY keypad for long and I got it. Camera?  Since I was getting interested in taking photographs? No. Mom got me a Nikon Coolpix from Singapore. Laptop? No I already have one. Vehicle? No, dad got me one long back.(TouchWood!) I was contemplating on getting an iPad and I spoke about it with dad. But I felt I wouldn’t be able to make good use of it.

And Now, I’m back to thinking what I could get for myself.

I don’t mind spending at all. But the problem with me is I don’t like buying things when I already have one. For example, I have this wonderful watch which I save  for special occasions. My reasoning is, why another when I already have one. Replacing them when they are just fine, is like a breach of trust, for me .

This is mainly because I get attached to things which I use. My phone, my bag , my accessories. Everything.
They all become a part of me and my life, an integral part. I hate it when I’m using something and I’m forced to look for something else just because there is a problem with it. So I make it a point to get the maximum out of the things which I have till they give up.

I mostly face this problem with my mobile phone. I make it a point to buy a new phone only when I face a problem with the existing phone. Sometimes I feel so guilty when I start using a new phone. I would constantly be reminded of my previous phone and heart of heart I would miss using the old phone, while I enjoy and explore the features of the new phone. This feeling lingers on for about a week, till I’m completely smitten by the new toy in hand. But once in a while, when I search for something and happen to come across the old phone(I don’t throw them), I would start missing it and feel bad that I am not able to use it any further.

My sister once got irritated with the phone (Dabba phone, as she used to say) I was using and literally dragged me to get me a new phone. “But Akka, this still works fine. It just needs extra effort” fell on deaf ears. The condition of the phone was not as bad as what she had imagined, Still.

Luckily for me, I realized there were many people who shared the same thoughts. Getting attached to the things which we use on a daily basis. I’m not bothered by what others have to say, I feel happy that  if those things ever had a life, they would be happy that I was using them well and I had a sense of loyalty. That would definitely make them feel proud and happy.

I don’t think twice before getting something new, when I really want it, But I think about a hundred times to decide if I really need it.
This also applies to Life to and the living beings we come across! Very much Indeed.

Ok, now what Should I really get? Any Suggestions?

34 thoughts on “That Weird Sense of Loyalty!

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  1. Ha!ha!ha! i enjoyed the candid dialogues between you and your sister….that dabba phone must have once been the best in the market right?? anyway nice to read about your attachment to your old things….although i change my mobile often- i can still appreciate your loyalty to yours keep em all till you can sell them as antiques for a million bucks….


  2. If you don't really want something, don't buy it.
    But what about an iPod? I've been wanting a classic for all the music it can store!
    And nobody ever drags me out to buy me new stuff :/ And phone toh, even if it stops working, my family would rather pay half its price in repairing it than getting me a new one :/
    Yes, grass is always greener on the other side.
    But for all it counts, I've had one really old computer since I was 5. And I don't have the heart to throw it away.


  3. Gift yourself an experience… maybe a holiday… or a weekend getaway.. or just a relaxing massage…
    depending on the time you have in hand & the people you'd like to take along 🙂


  4. Hi Ashwini

    Nice post, Yes we do get attached to our belongings esp the non-living things…

    Will suggest something, maybe spend for someone else, not for yourself…Someone who cannot afford? May be a local orphanage or old age home or poor kids near your locality? Trust me , this would give you more happiness that getting something for yourself…Oops! I sound like I am the grandaughter of Mahatma Gandhi I suppose 🙂 😀


  5. very true, we do get attached with the things or gadgets we use and at times we even don't feel like changing that without any reason, but again there is nothing wrong in having another piece of watch for some special occasions or one more camera with few more features added to it…… provided we can afoord that….:))


  6. hmmmmmm if it was me I would save the money, keep it for one day I am sure you will be walking by or somewhere where you see something and you will say YES this is what I want and at that time you shud go for it ..

    I am like that too, I get close , I have a car whic heveryone is saying sell sell sell but it is sitting there on my drive for the last 8 months now , I jsut dont have the heart to sell it , even when i have used it just 2 -3 times since i bought a new one ..



  7. I am like you but I am attached even to my clothes. Thankfully many don't fit me now but I still use the ones that fit me. Some are 12-13 years old. Now you can think about more valuable things. But unlike you I always have a long list of things to buy. I am eying a Longines or Tahitian. On a serious note buy yourself some jewelry. 🙂


  8. haha…although I'm not earning right now, but face similar problem when someone asks for a gift…”what do you want man…???” and I'm left like…”blank face”… 😛 😛 😛

    just wait…may be you could come up with better option with time… 😛 😛 😛


  9. Nice post Ashwini, even i get attached to things i use, and i find it hard to give it someone when i don't use them.

    No point in buying things which u already have and wont use much.

    And now, wht to buy for urself? i suggest you to buy some nice jewellery, coz they are always integral part of women life..and we never get enuf of them. so gift a nice diamond studd or ring or anythg else 🙂


  10. Doc, you should hear more of such conversations between me and sis. You'll be laughing around the whole day… And yes, I'm drawn to them even more when I don't use them. Anitques yes, million bucks, hmm I don't know.
    Thank you 🙂


  11. Yes Indeed. I've decided not to get something for the sake of it. And I forgot about the I pod, I use an I pod too. And when It comes to computers, I just can't stand the thought of throwing away old Systems. They've given me some of my best childhood days! Agree with you 🙂


  12. I just love the way you have phrased it… Gifting an experience. You are not going to beleive me,. But that is exactly what I had in mind and you worded it So beautifully. Thank you 🙂


  13. Just like how someone mentioned, it would be like Gifting myself an entire new experience and feeling ten fold happier by helping someone, specially those who do not have others to help. Wonderful suggestion. Thank you 🙂


  14. Well said Irfan Ji. But somehow my mind sternly refuses to hear out any explanations that I offer, it simply doesn't see the reason. I don't mean to say having one extra watch is bad, I don't have the heart to have 4 to 5 watches which I hardly wear.
    Thank you 🙂


  15. I'm doing exactly what you have said Bikram. The thing is I've been saving up for a long time, and I'm constantly on the lookout for the right one. So waiting to spot the right one 🙂
    I'm glad to see so many people share similar thoughts. As I said, it makes me feel less weird 🙂
    Thank You 🙂


  16. Clothes? Now I can understand the importance you would be giving even more valuable things, as you said 🙂 Probably when I see something I might want it, but all of a sudden when someone asks me what I want, I'll just stare, wondering what on earth I would possibly want.
    Thanks for the suggestion Saru 🙂


  17. That was a very sweet little post. I am exactly the same as you in this regard. I think a lot before buying something especially if I have to replace an old one as I get attached to them a lot. It is even applicable to places and leaving a place (and of course the friends there) makes me feel nostalgic. I think we form a bond with everything we interact and the stronger it is, the more difficult it is to part – be it person, possession or place!


  18. Ash:

    You are indeed blessed to have a lovely family. And as many have said, don't spend until you really feel the need to. I absolutely loved Dwiti's comment. Sensible one 🙂

    Take care.

    Joy always,


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