The other day I was just taking a walk in my terrace and noticed that the clouds were trying to convey something. It was a beautiful evening. Too lazy to come down and get my Coolpix, I clicked this with my mobile.

Looking at this, I felt that there are so many people around us, with us, competing against us. It is up to us, to make a mark and stand out in the crowd and establish a reputation for ourselves. The winds might not blow in our direction, the crowd might be moving in a different direction. Come what may, We must never lose hope and keep flying and reach for the stars.

I could also see a smiling face, towards the top right corner, next tot he bird. I felt that Someone Up there must be watching me closely and I hoped that they would be happy to see what I am today!

Here, I could visualize two people dancing in the left corner. And a big winged creature, an Angel perhaps, guarding them and protecting them from evil. All of us have such Angels, don’t we?

So ,what Do you Think?