Generally, What makes one Truly happy?

When someone asked me this question, I was surprised with myself when I realized I did not have an answer ready.I was listing out probabilities and possibilities, but I never found myself talking specifically.True, Not everyone has the same definition of happiness. For that matter, One person’s definition of what happiness is, would not be the same throughout the course of his life. At every point, at every juncture the definitions would keep evolving.

In simpler words, A toddler is not bothered about how the stock markets are functioning and how the stocks in which his dad has invested are performing. He is more concerned about his Mom and Dad giving him all the attention possible. He is happy when he is pampered and given what he wants.

When I asked myself, What makes me happy, after thinking about the many ecstatic moments in my life I realized I had Β to give it to those times when my wishes/needs/desires were fulfilled. I feel happy when I ask my parents for something and they fulfill it for me. And I feel even happier when they sense what is going on in my mind and fulfill it for me, even before I tell them.

I also feel happy when I do something significant and people take notice of it. It makes me feel important. it makes me feel worthy. What else can be a better boost to our self that feeling good about ourselves?

Having said so, I am not sure if the same definition would apply to all. If there is one thing that I have learnt, it is this : Never Ever Generalize. What might apply to a few might not apply to all. And there is a vast difference in ‘a few’ and ‘all’ . Being happy or feeling happy, is not just a state of mind. It is that feeling when you feel immensely content about your efforts for doing something, getting the results which you wanted and Β feel that you truly deserve it. It is when you feel proud of your very presence and existence. It is that exhilarating moment when you feel nothing can ever take away that moment from you.

According to me, this is what it makes one happy. At least, this is what makes me happy!

P.S. I have not been in the best of my health. That is the reason for not being able to visit your blogs. I will definitely read all the posts that I missed. Really miss reading wonderful thoughts being expressed in an even wonderful way. Will be right back Guys!