Aiming for the Sky?

The other morning, on my way to work, I cam across this vehicle near Anna University, at the point where the flyover starts/ends. The driver probably wanted to take a shortcut . He would have been really  desperate to reach a higher position figuratively, and literally too.

But, Don’t we all know, that there is no shortcut to success. Even if there is, the results would be somewhat similar to the one in the below picture.

Again, I was on my way to work and could click this only with my mobile. So do not mind the quality!

35 thoughts on “Aiming for the Sky?

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  1. Whoa! Why does he even do that! Crazy truck driver! Who gave him the license to drive?
    Spontaneous report Ash…you have a great future as News reporter 🙂


  2. I Know. It's reckless driving like these which cliams innocent lives. Imagine what would have happened if another vehicle was approaching this one. This driver was clearly on the wrong side of the road.


  3. When I first saw the vehicle, I was really wondering how he had managed to take the vehicle up there. Anyday it is better to be late by a minute and being careful than to arrive early in a hurry by rash driving !


  4. A timely post with actual pictures of the accident(dont mind the quality).Most of the drivers in Chennai are driving without following traffic rules and everyone speeds to reach the destination at the earliest which is the reason for the chaos created.


  5. Its Really very disappointing to see such accidents occur because of silly avoidable mistakes, By sheer luck no other vehicle approached it, avoiding further mishap


  6. No. Luckily the driver escaped with minor injuries. If something serious had happened to the driver, this pic would not have been uploaded here! And traffic, well yeah!


  7. The Drivers of public transport are horrible Sir. I have a feeling that they do not see what lies ahead of them. They just go on and on unmindful of other lives present. And everyone is always in a hurry!


  8. The driver was one hell of a lucky man. He did not cause any problem to any person and I was told he suffered just some minor bruises.A split second reckless decision and a lifelong regret!


  9. That was indeed sad and scary. As you put it perfectly, there is no shortcut to success. And patience was not a virtue for this person. A very nice message conveyed subtly.


  10. We see/read/hear about similar cases almost daily. Don't we?

    Every one s trying to save time and make best out of it but no one is actually succeeding!!

    its high tym to stop taking short cuts. Life is short nd such incidents only make it shorter..

    Btw nice click.. Made me wonder, how d driver managed to tilt d vehicle by almost 90° 🙂 🙂


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