I was going through the papers and found the entire space flooded with advertisements. There was a Sale in every known Brand of Apparel which My sister and I used to frequent. We used to make sure we dropped in to look at what was in Vogue. Β Today, sitting alone here and glancing through the advertisements, I couldn’t help missing my sister. It’s days like these that makes me miss my sister all the more. Though we talk regularly and stay in touch through our weekly Skype chats, virtual world can never bring the same happiness which the real world brings. It might offer some consolation, but it can never compensate.

So, here I was, sitting in Chennai, far away from my sister and thinking of those wonderful days. Some of our shopping escapades still remains fresh in my memory.

There was a sale in Pantaloons. 50% off on all purchase, till 11am, on a Sunday. My sister and I were never known to wake up early on a Sunday. Somehow that habit still remains, at least in my case. But we made it a point to get up early, and along with another cousin, who also happens to fall in the same Β category as us, went to Pantaloons, by around 8.30, much to the amusement of everyone in the family. My grandmother, who was initially unaware of our plan, was surprised to see her Grandkids wake up so early on a Sunday. Only when she saw us leaving she realized what the intention was, for getting up early and somehow she did not find it logical. “Why would someone wake up early on a Sunday to go for Shopping?” She kept repeatedly asking. We left her with her thoughts and left πŸ˜‰

Another day, my sister wanted to get a Shirt for my brother. We decided we would check out Westside at the Ampa Sky walk, which was inaugurated hardly a month before, then. My brother was not aware of how we would get transformed into shopping maniacs the minute we step in, and he very happily came with us. We went to the respective floor. In 2 minutes, my sister had shortlisted 3 shirts and I had shortlisted 3 t shirts and we gave him 30 seconds to choose what he wanted. Done. We were done with his shopping. Having come all the way, we did not have the heart to leave without checking out the latest Kurtas and we promised we would just look around and have something to munch in either KFC or McD and leave. The 5 minutes got extended to almost an hour, with my brother waiting patiently for us to decide on what we wanted to buy. Finally, he was happy with his burger at McD πŸ™‚

Another time, My brother wanted to get a pair of shoes. I was busy with something so I couldn’t accompany my sister and my cousin, who promised to select the best shoe in the world for my brother. My sister told me that they did not get the right shoe size and having gone all the way they decided to get something for themselves. My brother told me that, They went inside, asked for his shoe size. The people at the store said they were out of stock, and very happily the two of them walked out, saying they could come back the next week and started shopping, with my crestfallen brother, walking behind them and carrying their shopping bags πŸ™‚

Globus has this End of season sale. There is not much of a difference actually in their Sale. They increase the prices to exorbitant amounts and then reduce the prices on the pretext of giving a discount. I vaguely remember spending more than 2 hours there. We lost track of time and our mother was anxiously waiting for us to turn up. Every time she called us to enquire where we were, we used to tell her we were just leaving. This happened for about 3 or 4 times. And Finally after more than 2 hours we decided to call it a day and headed home.

Today, I have a lot of time at my disposal, but its no fun shopping alone, or shopping with people who do not appreciate the activity. Shopping is not just going there and getting stuff. It is about choosing, comparing, seeing what would look the best, asking others opinion and finally disregarding them all and settling for what we want. It’s something really different. And the two people who truly understand that, and who truly understand me are so far away now. I have no inclination to walk towards Pantaloons or Levi.

P.S. To all those who don’t know my brother, We are not that cruel to him. We are the most loving sisters, in his words. These are just a few instances to point out how obsessed we were, when it comes to Shopping. πŸ˜‰

Image courtesy: FreeDigitalPhotos