“Ash, I never knew you had so much time to spare. But if you ask me, I’d say you are wasting your time on this. Just look at your Updates and the numerous links you’ve shared. I don’t think it is worth the time.”
When some people just can’t stop bothering You!

The other day, someone I know, happened to notice that I was furiously typing in my mobile. He was curious to know what was holding all my attention and I told him I was replying to a friend’s status message on Facebook. He smirked. “Oh, Facebook eh ? “, was his reply. I did not reply and continued as if I did not hear him. After a while, his curiosity got the better of him and he asked me what exactly I was writing about. It was my turn to smirk and I showed him what I was writing. He then asked if he could go through my profile, Since he was/is not in my friend list. I could not see anything wrong in that, so I gladly obliged. I handed him my mobile and I did not get it back for almost an hour. While returning he said,

I said,” I would not call it a waste of time, I would say, I manage my time efficiently”. And, for your information, it is Totally worth it, considering that someone did not even realize that they were holding on to my mobile for more than an hour!”

Sometimes, when people judge others based on their Facebook profile, I get irritated. Yes, it would reflect the person who we are, but judging a person with their updates and statuses is not at all fair. Just because I spend time on Facebook {Blogs and twitter too :-)} doesn’t mean I’m jobless and waste time,and Just because someone doesn’t spend time in Social Media doesn’t go on to prove that they mange their time efficiently.

When I’m reading a book and someone interrupts me(except for my Mom), I get terribly annoyed. The other day, I left office earlier than usual, since I had come early. I rushed downstairs, just in time to board my AC bus. Finally, I boarded the bus , got my ticket and sat happily in one corner and continued to read my book. Till..

Till a middle aged lady came and sat next to me. She had an opinion on each and every thing and she made sure that everyone travelling with her, got to hear what she was saying. She occasionally tried to get into a conversation with me, but I stuck to replying in monosyllables. She cursed to driver for driving in a rash way. She cursed the auto driver who came too close to the bus. She cursed the conductor for asking her to give the exact amount, she cursed the girls who were laughing for something. She cursed the couple who were minding their own business. She cursed her Sister in law and her Mother in law. She cursed everyone around her. (No, not me!)

After a while, tired with her histrionics, she calmed down and asked her what book I was reading, She said she had read almost all the books.I couldn’t help laughing and I told that I was reading “Only Time Will Tell, by Jeffery Archer”. She couldn’t pronounce the name of the author and she kept saying that reading all those books was an entire waste of time; That they do not enlighten us, the way Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita does. She also added that, these books would never fetch us the required marks to get into a good college, and that it was a waste of one’s money. Finally she said that, she knew everything without having to read books and that these books do not make a difference to one’s lives.

I said, “Yes Aunty, Probably for you, it is not worth it, and I see why it wouldn’t, but for the Rest of us, it makes all the difference!”.

I really can’t tolerate people who never give others a chance to breath. They want others to listen to every word of theirs and can’t stand if they find someone opposing or challenging them. I know I was being rude/sarcastic, but should they not have known their limits and stuck to it. Β Everyone has an opinion, and is entitled to one. Just as how we value our opinion, we must learn to respect others’ thoughts and opinions even if we disagree with them in the context. There is just a thin line between giving an opinion and forcing your thoughts on someone and you never know when the scales tilt dangerously to one side.I really wish people stop suffocating others with their thoughts in this manner.

By the way,I did hear someone say ” If you want me not to be Sarcastic, ask them not to be Stupid”.

Exactly my sentiments!

Image Courtesy : Dremstime