Definitely Trolled!

Dad is frequent traveler. Since he is in Sales, most of the time he would have to travel around to visit his customers. Invariably, I would not be aware of which city/country he is in. Every Morning and Night he makes it a point to call mom and speak to her. Now, I don’t have any problem with the husband and wife having their own conversations. What bothers me is, Most of the time, dad would call mom in her mobile, speak to her and hang up. He would enquire about me, and it would stop there, unless there was something really important.

One day, I picked up mom’s mobile when Dad had called and imagine how angry I was when he said he was surprised to listen to my voice. After lovingly asking me how I was doing, he asked me to give the phone to mom. I asked him, why he never makes it a point to talk to me when he is out of town. He immediately felt bad and apologized stating that he was busy with meetings and customer visits and that he had been having a very hectic day. I felt bad, for having made him feel bad and left it that way and handed over the phone to mom.

Next day, at around the same time when dad usually calls up Mom, He called me in my number. When I realized that Dad was calling me, I felt happy that dad had remembered what I’d spoken the previous day and immediately after I picked up the call, I was all in praise for dad. I told him “Dad, I’m really happy that you remembered what I said yesterday. You know, its such things as these which strengthens the bond…blah blah blah..”and I happened to realize that there had been no response from the other end for more than 3 minutes. For a minute, the thought of dad disconnecting the call came to my mind, but I brushed it aside and like someone who speaks on the phone for the first time I literally shouted “Helloo… are you there?”

“Yes Achu, I’m here”

“What happened?”

“You are going to be angry and probably going to shout at me”

“And why exactly would I be angry?”

“I tried mom’s number for about 5 minutes and I couldn’t get through. I knew you’d be coming home soon, So…”

Before he had a chance to complete the sentence, I thrust the phone into mom’s hands and walked away.

Definitely Trolled!

Image Courtesy : FreeDigitalPhotos

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