Being Content with oneself.

Recently, I got time to chat with a colleague of mine. Among other things, we were talking about the lackadaisical attitude of the people in that environment and how people were too easily content with what they had. Not that it is wrong, but people are so content that they do not want to strive for more, or even attempt to do something new.

Some people are too content.

Remember when we were young, we were told that we had to study (study hard!)to get into a job. So that was the ultimate aim. We studied hard at school to get into a college. We slogged through college (sometimes colleges, for the want of many degrees) to get into an Organization. And finally we reached were we Initially saw ourselves, seated in the air conditioned modules of the Organization. So is that all?  For some people, this is where they set off with another checklist, having successfully checked every other To-Do Action in their previous checklist. This is like another phase of life and people set off with new goals. A few other people fail to look beyond their original dream and do not feel the need to venture into something new. They are content with what they have and they do not want to look for more.

People should learn to be content with what they have. Yes. But, what I’m trying to say is, this sense of contentment should not stand in their way of dreaming for more, or giving themselves that extra push to strive for something even better. (Specially at the age of 22!)

Some people are never content.

Oh, don’t get me started with these kind of people. They are always running. The rat race seems eternal.They are not satisfied even with the best. The main point is, while people mentioned in the previous category are stuck appreciating the beauty of what they are endowed with, these people hardly notice the gifts bestowed on them. I’m never tired of repeating this, It is always the small things in life that matter the most. The lives of these people might be hectic and full of activity, but they seem to lack flavor. When they look back at what they have accomplished in life, would they even remember when and where they had achieved some specific things or would it all be hazy?

Pushing oneself from the Comfort Zone

The main problem with people who are too content is, they stubbornly refuse to step away from their comfort zone. Unless and until we step out and try new things, we would never know the treasured talents, hidden inside us, waiting to be tapped. If we don’t acclimatize ourselves to new environments, in a gradual manner, then we would be in for a rude shock when Life decides to throw us away from our comfort zone, without a warning, all of a sudden. We are left with no one but us to blame. Remember, Life does not wait for anyone and keeps changing all the time!

Goals, Anyone?

It was shocking, when someone asked a few of us were we saw ourselves five years down the lane, and hardly one or two among the crowd were ready with an answer. The rest were busy, thinking why they had not thought of this before. One friend got up and said ” I would probably be happy for having completed all that I wanted to do on my Goals Sheet and I would probably start with another Goals Sheet”. After the session, I asked my friend how he could be so sure . He told me that ” Life keeps changing. I do not have very specific goals. To an extent, they are generic, so that I would be able to modify them with time and with my situation. It is sufficient, if we have a blue print of what we would want to do, the finer details can be filled as and when we tread along, tackling the surprises that Life might give as as we move along”. I was so impressed with this.

I know what my Aim is. I know what My Goals are. My Goals do not change, they just evolve.You know why? I do not want to miss out on admiring the wonderful journey of the path I set on, by focusing entirely on the destination. Neither do I want to lose focus of the destination, stuck by staring in awe at the path during my journey, unmindful of where it is leading me. A little balance is all that is needed.

As Mark Twain said,”Twenty Years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones that you did  do. So throw of all the bowlines.Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”

Twenty years down the line, I do not want to have that regret for not attempting to try anything new. I would rather be happy with the fact that I had tried, but failed. I would be content with and appreciate what I have, at the same time trying to see if there are any more talents buried inside!