A Mother’s Predicament.

There was a girl
miles away from home
missing her mom ,every minute of her day.
The way her mom smiled, the way she woke her up
the strong cup of coffee every morning
brightening not just her mood, but her entire day.
If only her mom could come over,
how happy would she be!

The way her mom could read her thoughts,
she knew every little thing about her.
The comfort she gained,
by looking at her face, was just unparalleled.
She needed her mom for everything
Anything that her mom said would make her happy,
Anything that her mom did, would make her happy.
She was so possessive of her mom and
did not mind telling it out.
She loved her mom so much
she was missing her mother badly
And one fine day, her mom said she would visit her for a few days

There was a girl
So close to her home, yet far away in her thoughts.
Her mom had to be away for a while.
The very thought shook her.
She had never been away from her mother for days together.
Even if she was, she was elsewhere.
She was never alone at home.
Home is not home without mom.

She knew she would miss talking endlessly with her mom,
she would miss her mom listening patiently to her,
to everything that she had to say.
She would miss fighting with her mom
on which ice cream to buy and which pizza to choose.
She would miss coming back home  to see her mom
she would miss the way her mom surprised her.
But she knew someone else needed her mom much more than her
and gave her the biggest smile she could muster, given the circumstances

There was a Mother,
she had two daughters.
One was happy because she was coming,
one was sad because she was going
She was happy that she would spend time with her daughter
while she was sad to that she had to leave her other daughter.
On one side she was happy she was going to be of some help
on the other side she was worried how people would manage without her

Her daughters were in just one state. One happy, One sad
But the mother was in a completely different state
She was happy or sad
She was neither happy nor sad.
At times she was happy. At times she was sad.
She worried about one daughter when she was here
She worries about the other daughter when she is away.

A Mother is never partial.
Her love is boundless
Even when it comes to two daughters
She makes sure she plays fair
Gives undivided attention to both of them
Makes both of them feel special
Sometimes they feel they are more pampered than the other
But only the mother truly knows
that she loves them both equally
And stays true to her heart

Love you Ma. Missing you !

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  1. wow, Ashwini! the poem really spoke volumes about you. A few paragraphs into it, I understood that you were talking of your own situation here. I think we are tempted to write poems when the crux of a situation impacts our emotional self – in short, thoughts that were held in a state of emotion. And I was left wondering, wow, a seemingly simply thing as a mother visiting another daughter and leaving home for a few days, affected this girl in this way? Hats off Ashwini. A pointer to my own self to express more to my mom. 🙂


  2. Moms are indeed special arent they? I just came after leaving my son in school as he missed the bus today. The way he said 'Bye' with tears streaming down his cheeks ripped my heart apart!


  3. Ah everything and anything you can think of Mum you have listed down here dear! lovely a big hug this one is very beautiful loved it….
    her best wishes are always with us


  4. Yes Sindhuja. I did not intend to write it as a poem, but somehow felt the shorter version would be apt. And I couldn't agree with you more, When your mind wants to convey thoughts you write a post, when your soul wants to express certain feelings, a poem would do justice to it.

    Thank you Sindhuja 🙂 Glad that you liked it 🙂


  5. Every thing rightly expressed , Ashwini ! As they say in Punjabi- Mawan thandiyan chhavaan , chhavaan kaun karey – means mothers are like cool shade , who else can give cool shade !
    To a mother all her children are equal and special on whom she showers her unconditional love and affection !


  6. ahhh I miss my mom so much. Such an endearing poem. Loved ALL the lines here Ashwini. what a tribute. Beautifully written! How much we take such simple things in grnated and most importantly our mothers for granted. She is indeed priceless!


  7. The job of a mother is very challenging! It is a full time job even if she is the breadwinner. If she is happy, entire family is happy. So the challenge for others is to make her happy always!


  8. Needless to say, they are THE Best… You've kindled the emotions of people and the love towards their mom. Now, for people who left their parents behind in old-age homes, let them read this and understand who a Mom is 🙂



  9. Yes, moms are torn between the children but they are always impartial, though the children take a long time to realise that! This has given me the idea for a post, Ashwini, but it will deal with something very different. Keep watching the space of the Cybernag 🙂


  10. Thank you Zephyr. Glad that you got an idea from this. Looking forward to reading it 🙂
    And yes, it does take a while for one to realize that moms are totally impartial. Once we realize that we can't stop admiring the way they've handled everything in the past 🙂


  11. Really really really touching yaar! A mother's predicament is something no one would understand. She's happy for one and sad for another. She's never partial to any of her child. Great read Ashwini! 🙂

    Even for boys, whether we admit it or not, we'll always be Mamma's boys 🙂


  12. You have narrated your emotions about your mom very beautifully,every little thing that we all feel—you have captured it in words.So many like me,would have seen reflections of their feelings in your poem.


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