Book Review : An Idiot, Placements and IntervYOU.

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An Idiot, Placements and IntervYOU by Toffee (Taufeeq Ahmed) takes one through the experiences of the author during the ‘placement season’ of his college life.The author walks through the entire process, right from the preparation for the Aptitude tests to the various levels of selection, depending on the recruiting organization. He gives an in-depth analysis at each stage, describes every intrinsic process that normally takes place and guides us on how we should tackle the various difficulties that might crop up.

For a person who has been there, done that and procured a job, this book would just be telling things that already they know. But for a person who is just about to take that first step towards bagging their dream job, this book would help them in more than one way. Those who were placed through ‘Campus Recruitment would probably be able to relate to what I say in a better way.

From Day 1 of college, one thing that would be stressed at every juncture is this : Campus Recruitment. I remember how I had no idea what, when and how I should be preparing for it. The mere mention of the words ‘Paper presentation’, ‘Certification’, ’Aptitude’, ’Group Discussion’ and ‘Interview’ used to send shivers down the spine at the time when we had completely no idea as to what it was and how to get it done. Though many sources of information were made available, there would always be that nagging question of what ifs and what not’s which were never expressed, let alone getting clarified. We would find ourselves asking so many questions and waiting miraculously for someone to understand what we were trying to ask and explain accordingly. For a person in that situation, this book would give all the answers to all their questions however trivial or silly it might seem.

The author takes one thing at a time and explains in detail all that is required for a student. For instance in the chapter that deals with Interview, he goes on to give his insight on how the interviews should be tackled at the basic level, what preparations are required from our side, what to talk, what not to talk, how to be dressed, how to appear calm and composed and not fret about, showing our nervousness. This is just an example. In a similar way he deals with the other important aspects too.

What I liked about the book was, the author did not stop with just the dos and don’ts, but also went on to narrate his personal experiences and that of his friends to give one a better understanding of his thoughts. Though I felt that at many places a lot of unnecessary explanations were given, I could easily be wrong. Perhaps if I read it from the perspective of a student who is just about to enter the final year and sit for the placements, it would make more sense then. I loved some of the quotes which were included. It went on well with the flow of the book

“Everything happens for a reason, but the difficult part is trying to find out what the reason is… You probably might not figure out when a few bad things happen to you, but in near future when you look back, everything will make perfect sense”

“You don’t have to be good at everything, but you have to be the best at something.”

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is just the nose before defeat”

Over all, neatly written. How you enjoy the book would depend on which side of the ladder you find yourself in.

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  1. You won't believe this Ashwini. When I came to know about this book (this morning), I went to and checked if I can apply for this book. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. Then I checked for new blog posts from the bloggers I admire and follow, I found this review post! God truly works in mysterious ways yaar 🙂

    As you rightly pointed out, its a must read for those who are about to leave their college life for corporate life through campus placements.. Those were some nerve wracking moments! But all's well that ends well 🙂


  2. Ok wait. Now does this blog come under “Blogs You admire” or “Blogs you Follow”? 🙂
    Nice to know that My blog was able to offer what you were exactly looking for 🙂


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