Imagine what all could go wrong at work. Just imagine every little thing. Now, that is exactly what happened to me at work . The previous week went as bad as it could get and I was desperately waiting for the weekend. You know why, I’d plans with my friends 🙂

Yes, we are a bunch of crazy people (read Chennai Bloggers) who would travel all over the city just to taste good food. So When ‘Eat Chennai’ was happening we definitely had to go there and try out all those ‘Street Food’. Plus there was this Stand Up Tamasha by Evam, and I heard it was not something to be missed. So we made plans for both.

Initially we had decided to go the for Stand Up Event. Then we had to cancel that plan due to the unavailability of tickets, and then somehow we got tickets and in a matter of an hour we changed all our plans and headed out to the Museum Theatre in Egmore (After having made a short stop at the Alsa mall, entrance. If you are from Chennai, you would know what exactly I’m talking about, else read about it here). So much of a drama, even before the actual drama!

Now, when was the last time I laughed for two hours straight, with tears in my eyes?

When was the last time my cheeks and hands hurt badly since I was laughing and clapping a lot?

Well, I seriously do not remember when it happened last, but it all happened on that Saturday. This was the first time I was going for a Stand Up Comic and it absolutely blew us away. The performers were brilliant and had us in splits throughout the event. I was like, Hey can you just wait for me to finish laughing at the previous joke, before you throw another one at me!

One might wonder what these people would have done to keep the audience laughing for every joke of theirs, every second. Their performances included a lot of aspects which everyone could easily relate to. I am sure that was the major plus point. Be it about the TamBrams ,Software Engineers, Sports aficionados or about one’s experiences on their first trip to the their promising land as well as their experiences in  Chennai/USA, I could see myself there and relate to it very easily.  It happens with everyone, but the way these people had taken the same instances of life and portrayed it was remarkable. If I said that, you would probably say “Hmm.ok” and move on. But when they said it, they made sure that every soul in the audience gave in to the riotous laughter.  It takes more than just telling a joke and holding up a mike to be a Stand Up comic, and I’m sure it is not as easy as it would seem. Definitely not!

After an entertaining two hours, we had this post session interaction for which we decided to stay. Basically you could talk to the performers and ask them anything about their performances. Just as we were heading to the front rows, I noticed one of the performers stand right behind us, and  we went over and asked him if by any chance he was the famous “Local Tea Party” of twitter, since I’d noticed certain similarities in his speaking style. Not that I’ve heard Local Tea Party speak earlier, but I’ve read his blogs and follow him on twitter. He said, he was not the Local Tea Party, in a tone I could not comprehend as to whether he had taken it as a compliment or an insult. We then got to know we were talking with Aravind, another of Chennai’s Twitter Celebrities, But he said that Local Tea Party was very much there and he introduced us.

Yes, wait for it…Chennai’s Legendary Local Tea Party 🙂

And you know what, When I said “Hi,I’m Ashwini” he said “Oh yea, I know you!”. Would you believe that? The celebrity was able to place me, thanks to the few replies that I had tweeted and my blog as well. Man, I was on cloud nine.

So then we headed out for the interaction, and every performer spoke to us about how they get on with the whole concept. They were so casual in the way they interacted with us. We spoke to Bhargav, the director who deserved all the credit for bringing everyone together in the same stage and giving us audience nothing short of an outstanding show. We were then told about the Finale and another Stand Up Act. With assurance that we would get tickets for the next day we left the Museum Theatre on Saturday night, only to go there on Sunday evening for another round of riotous laughter.Yes I ditched Eat Chennai for this. Sunday’s show took it to a new level and I’ve just no words to describe. It was one Awesome Show.

Over all, I had the best weekend, after a long long time. For the few hours that I was there, I completely lost track of the world that I belonged to and went into another entirely different world, where all I did was laugh and enjoy. One special Whislte for Aravind, Yudi, Ashwin Rao, Rajeev, TMK, Bala Kumaran, , Karthik Kumar, Amrutha , Naveen  and of course, The Local Tea Party 🙂