Random Clicks #1

I once happened to meet this person who said he was working for Google. I couldn’t believe what he said. Judging my reaction he said ” I know you do not believe me, just turn around and ask anyone there, they will tell you the truth”, and he pointed his finger in one direction. I turned around and looked in that direction. He was not lying.

This picture was clicked near Velacherry,Chennai when I was travelling in a bus

The other day, while walking back home from work, I noticed this van. I did not read what was written on them till I saw someone step out, counting cash. It was then that my brain registered the words “Mobile ATM”. Automated Teller Machine became Any Time Money. Now Any Time Money, even at your doorstep!

This picture was clicked near Kodambakkam, Chennai

40 thoughts on “Random Clicks #1

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  1. You know Bikram, For the time being they have stopped hiring because they have a huge waiting List :-D, I could recommend your name if you want 😀

    And as for the ATM, this was the first time even I saw something like this.


  2. Two very random clicks that bring out two very different and interesting events! I guess it is not that difficult to find a job in Google Chennai. 😉 Second one was even better. Any time money.. wow.. what a concept! 😉

    How do you manage to capture such intriguing happenings? Nice one.


  3. Awesome sense of humor from your friend Ashwini.. You friend already has an impressive resume to bank on 🙂

    I was just thinking, what if someone steals the vehicle (mobile ATM). That's one costly vehicle right? 😀


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