Celebrations : Now and Then!

Festivals meant a lot of activity around the house. From cleaning up to gearing up for the festivities, from new dresses to tasty treats, from visiting temples and relatives houses, there was so much of fun and excitement. It was something different from the routine. It was an uphill task, yet the sheer thought of doing it all for a festival, would wipe out all the pain and make one feel happy. These celebrations gave us an excuse to come together as a family, share our happiness and strengthen the bonds of love and affection. It gave us an excuse to put everything away and spend time with our loved ones, lost in an entirely different world, where you were forced to have third helpings of food, your stomach hurt from laughing with everyone and you actually witnessed your elders reliving their younger and carefree days,with nothing to worry about apart from how many sweets one could mange to eat without being reprimanded. Celebrating these special days meant a lot of work, but as long as it made everyone happy, no one was actually bothered with the workload.


Everyone is busy. Everyone is hard pressed for time. What was once done with a lot of interest and with devotion is now being done as a formality and not purely out of interest, though some people really wish they had just a little more time to do things as they were done before. They aren’t to be blamed. With the nature of work and the arduous travel which people are subjected to, on a daily basis, one looks at these festivals as a time to relax and wishes to keep things simple.Today a lot of this is commercialized.  Before, these celebrations gave us an excuse to come together as one large family. Today it might not bring all of us together, given that people are spread out around the globe, but we do sit back and wish people were together as those good old days. There was love in what people did before, today it has just become a part of the routine. But one thing to be appreciated is that, we still dedicate at least some time to be with our friends and family. We might not get to meet everyone in the family, but even if it just about 4 people, we do ensure we spend time with them and catch up with them. After all, what is life without people, and what is life without celebrations!

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  1. Times have changed, somehow we cannot get back to way things were celebrated in the past.
    For many years I have also stopped celebrating all these festivals, not because I don't have time, but because my understanding of these festivals have changed. Also, now one does not need an excuse to spend time together or to celebrate something in a simple manner, without all the Shor Sharaba. Probably because we no longer live in a joint family, and things have become a lot more simpler and quieter.
    However still we can see people celebrating things in a grand way sometimes, maybe because we now have the choice to be as we want to be.


  2. Sounds wonderful, Ashwini! We must enjoy the bounty of the seasons! Simple Joys are the blessings in life that outshine the mundane, the tedious, the trying, and the odious….:))
    ATB for BAT…


  3. very true, I always say those were the good old days .. but then I am sure todays generation in 20 years time will say the same to these days ..

    I remember come diwali , the house needs a thorough cleanup, clearing , new clothes to wear , so many sweets .. family visiting friends visiting .. the planning done how we will burn the cracker , how we will make the fuse a long one and lit it and run and hide wating for someone to walk past and shriek when it goes up

    This year if all goes to plan then diwali will be a good day lets see , dont want to say much just yet …

    Have a great diwali and happy diwali to you and family and everyone around you ..



  4. yeah, celebrations do give life the zest and color that it craves for.

    hmhm.. Reading your post and Bikram's comment puts me reminiscing about my past Diwali s.

    cheers to that and best of luck for BAT.


  5. The post could not have been more correct. There used to be times when everyone used to wait for the hustle bustle of Diwali. Now people don't really care all that much. *sigh*

    Anyway, nicely written. ATB for BAT. 🙂


  6. So true, I was nodding all along. Times have changed and so have our perceptions about life and festivals. When I turn back the pages of my memory to those good old days, festivals were awaited ever so eagerly, cherished and treasured for a long time until the next festival came along. Slowly things have changed, and these festivals and celebrations which were once an integral part of our life have sort of become vestigial. But still some charm exists and we end up wishing our friends and family and having a good time. But those good old celebrations are definitely missed. 🙂


  7. I think things were bound to change.. People today are short on time. So, they dont necessarily need a festival to spend time with family.. When I went home last New Year after a gap of two years.. i felt happy and satisfied after a long long time.. Festivals bring happiness and joy And I think that's what people crave for today, Happiness!! And for that they don't necessarily want to wait till a festival..



  8. Yes Rama, today we have to choice to do things the way we want them to. Though a main reason for people not being able to celebrate it is because we no longer live in joint families, that interest has to be there.

    Sometimes I like to spend festivals with the entire family, Sometimes I like to keep it simple, just with my parents , sister and lots of love 🙂


  9. Hmm.. Times Change. I guess Celebrations have become more of a social status and sort of 'things to do' or rather 'to show that we do'. There is also other side of life change – we have lost touch with actual work done with our hands – and this is one price we are paying! I am sure, something new will replace this old feeling and fun!


  10. Maybe we can blame it on social networking. Maybe we can praise social networking too for keeping everyone in touch despite the distance! I guess its the way we look at it. As you rightly pointed out, atleast people spend some time with their family in such occasions.

    Belated Happy Diwali Ashwini 🙂


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