Festivals meant a lot of activity around the house. From cleaning up to gearing up for the festivities, from new dresses to tasty treats, from visiting temples and relatives houses, there was so much of fun and excitement. It was something different from the routine. It was an uphill task, yet the sheer thought of doing it all for a festival, would wipe out all the pain and make one feel happy. These celebrations gave us an excuse to come together as a family, share our happiness and strengthen the bonds of love and affection. It gave us an excuse to put everything away and spend time with our loved ones, lost in an entirely different world, where you were forced to have third helpings of food, your stomach hurt from laughing with everyone and you actually witnessed your elders reliving their younger and carefree days,with nothing to worry about apart from how many sweets one could mange to eat without being reprimanded. Celebrating these special days meant a lot of work, but as long as it made everyone happy, no one was actually bothered with the workload.


Everyone is busy. Everyone is hard pressed for time. What was once done with a lot of interest and with devotion is now being done as a formality and not purely out of interest, though some people really wish they had just a little more time to do things as they were done before. They aren’t to be blamed. With the nature of work and the arduous travel which people are subjected to, on a daily basis, one looks at these festivals as a time to relax and wishes to keep things simple.Today a lot of this is commercialized.  Before, these celebrations gave us an excuse to come together as one large family. Today it might not bring all of us together, given that people are spread out around the globe, but we do sit back and wish people were together as those good old days. There was love in what people did before, today it has just become a part of the routine. But one thing to be appreciated is that, we still dedicate at least some time to be with our friends and family. We might not get to meet everyone in the family, but even if it just about 4 people, we do ensure we spend time with them and catch up with them. After all, what is life without people, and what is life without celebrations!