Through My Eyes.

 It was a bright Sunday and the weather was really good. Nature looked at its best. It looked even better, though my Nikon D70  🙂

A heartfelt thanks to my uncle, TRS for having given me his camera. I’m enjoying every moment with it 🙂

This picture was clicked near Santhome,
Sunset always gets me excited

This picture was also clicked near Santhome,
 I’m never tired of admiring this.
This was clicked near my home.
 Some things make sense only to some people.
To me, it made a lot of sense.

Is there a better place than this to hangout with our dear ones?
Up above, with no one to disturb.
The three of them seem to be having a nice time,
 don’t you feel so? 

37 thoughts on “Through My Eyes.

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  1. There is something so simple yet so beautiful in your captures. I guess nature is always like that. Sunset and sunrise have always fascinated me as well especially that golden red that is smeared across the clouds. It feels divine. Once again.. beautiful and serene captures. The camera is indeed awesome too. Loved the third one for your heartfelt comment and the fourth one was so touchy and pleasant at the same time. 🙂


  2. Your uncle TRS must be a generous soul to have presented you a Nikon D70 ! In a way we are also able to partake of his generosity by looking at beautiful pics that you may click from time to like the present ones.


  3. A very Happy diwali Ashwini! Sorry for being away! Beautiful clicks. The third last one surely looks like my happy place(remember from friends .. phoebe's happy place :-))


  4. Hey Jenny, how have you been? SO long, I was trying to contact you since I was not able to access your blog. And oh yes, How can I forget F.R.I.E.N.D.S 🙂 ? Happy Diwali to you too 🙂


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