Silence is Golden.Indeed.

A few days back I was at the beach. The timing couldn’t have been better. It was almost 11 in the night. The silence was so welcome and it felt to be nice, standing at the shoreline and listening to the waves.  They were trying to say something. There was some music that my ears could perceive and I stood there, ensconced in the silence, listening to what their soul was trying to express.

Another morning, I’d gone to my terrace  to inspect what the previous day’s rains had done. The sun was just waking up , the clouds seemed  fresh, the birds weren’t up yet. The ordinary surroundings seemed so beautiful to my eyes. The calm temperament seemed to accentuate its beauty. And still, I could hear something, I could hear the gentle winds passing by and it was soothing.

I normally come across as a garrulous person. As in, I talk when it is required and when I talk, I talk a lot. I don’t restrict myself with one word answers. But at other times, when I’m on my own, I prefer being silent and absorbing in everything around me. It’s like getting time to spend with oneself.

Sometimes I feel the strong urge to break away from the crowd surrounding me and dash off to some place where I can just sit at peace, without having the need for someone or something to accompany me. I need a silent atmosphere and I relish that to every bit. It’s not about being lonely but it’s about spending some time alone. As much as a social animal that I am, I value the time that I spend with myself (no, I would not like to call it, being alone, I would like to say I enjoy spending quality time with myself)

Though I manage to squeeze time for myself, the time spent is considerably less. After all, the prime purpose of life is to feel happy. Only if I spend some time in peaceful contemplation will I be able to figure out what exactly would make me happy. Only if I pursue those interests would I be able to feel happy. And for me, that peaceful contemplation would come only when I’m left alone away from the hustle bustle world. Only if I know myself better and explore what lies hidden in my mind and soul and deep within, that I would be able to work towards making me feel happy.

Now I realize why I was looking forward to spending some time in silence.  The key to happiness, my happiness, lies there. The key to finding that inner voice.