Of Random Conversations with the Soul #4

Silence is Golden.Indeed.

A few days back I was at the beach. The timing couldn’t have been better. It was almost 11 in the night. The silence was so welcome and it felt to be nice, standing at the shoreline and listening to the waves.  They were trying to say something. There was some music that my ears could perceive and I stood there, ensconced in the silence, listening to what their soul was trying to express.

Another morning, I’d gone to my terrace  to inspect what the previous day’s rains had done. The sun was just waking up , the clouds seemed  fresh, the birds weren’t up yet. The ordinary surroundings seemed so beautiful to my eyes. The calm temperament seemed to accentuate its beauty. And still, I could hear something, I could hear the gentle winds passing by and it was soothing.

I normally come across as a garrulous person. As in, I talk when it is required and when I talk, I talk a lot. I don’t restrict myself with one word answers. But at other times, when I’m on my own, I prefer being silent and absorbing in everything around me. It’s like getting time to spend with oneself.

Sometimes I feel the strong urge to break away from the crowd surrounding me and dash off to some place where I can just sit at peace, without having the need for someone or something to accompany me. I need a silent atmosphere and I relish that to every bit. It’s not about being lonely but it’s about spending some time alone. As much as a social animal that I am, I value the time that I spend with myself (no, I would not like to call it, being alone, I would like to say I enjoy spending quality time with myself)

Though I manage to squeeze time for myself, the time spent is considerably less. After all, the prime purpose of life is to feel happy. Only if I spend some time in peaceful contemplation will I be able to figure out what exactly would make me happy. Only if I pursue those interests would I be able to feel happy. And for me, that peaceful contemplation would come only when I’m left alone away from the hustle bustle world. Only if I know myself better and explore what lies hidden in my mind and soul and deep within, that I would be able to work towards making me feel happy.

Now I realize why I was looking forward to spending some time in silence.  The key to happiness, my happiness, lies there. The key to finding that inner voice.

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  1. True… Things around us try to say something if we notice them from a different perspective… Like you've mentioned about waves and the fresh clouds… 🙂

    Totally agree with you that solitude is important to understand and find things that will bring happiness to us… 🙂 We got to contemplate ourselves, staying away from the hustle bustle, to enjoy the best of socializing, with right people, right time and right things… 🙂


  2. Spending time alone silently helps one to relax from their taxing everyday work… Observing things at silent not only helps one to calm down but also to enjoy the little things which we might not even have noticed during the other days.. This Earth has a lot of things to give us the required inspiration… And the early mornings and late nights give us the calmness.. Nice composition..


  3. Spending quality time with self is always needed, because in our busy lives we tend to understand self and its important for us to understand what we are & where are we heading?


  4. I do it often, it helps me in many ways. Most importantly it helps me in getting my focus back. I tend to lose focus often 🙂

    “The prime purpose of life is to feel happy.” Well said.. And it is Sad that most of the people have forgot the prime purpose of life..


  5. Why dont you try the Himalayas Guruji ..! :P.. cute post , completely agree with you , it one kinda of feel to get soaked in happiness we are drenched with , it best happens in silence.


  6. SO very true, till we are true to ourself we cant be true to anyone , I know people say a lot but end of the day this is the truth.

    If you are not happy with your self how can we be happy with other , we may try but it doesnot work..

    I am generally a VERY QUIET person , I know you will feel otherwise but I am a quiet person in Real life, Until I am provoked or something like that , and then I dont back down no matter what the situation..

    I am in a job where communication is very important , yet I have managed to survive without talking much.

    so be happy inside, be in love with yourself first.. then we can do for others too.. I am numero uno for myself always 🙂



  7. Yes, even I love solitude. I never feel lonely when i am alone, though I am at home with company too. But being alone always makes me very happy.And I must say I have been fortunate in my life to have ample time for myself. I am puzzled when people ask me don't I get bored being alone, and they get puzzled when they hear me say 'No'. I am grateful that I have all time in this world to do whatever I want to do.
    It is also true for people leading a busy life like you, too should make some quality time for yourself to figure out what is it that you want from life, and you will get answers.
    All the best!


  8. I could relate so much to this post, Ashwini. I talk a lot, but sometimes, I just like to keep quiet to myself and get lost in my own thoughts. But I hardly get a chance to do so. One needs to talk to oneself. I love to be around people, but then suddenly a surge of calmness comes over.


  9. Right Ashwini! We all need at times to move far from the madding crowd to have a tete a tete with our inner self or our souls and to find peace within !In fact silence has its own music ;only we have to attune ourselves to listen to it !


  10. Whoa that is the best investment ash, to invest time in yourself! Rangarajan of cavin care gave an interview on Vijay tv sometime back… he says he allots about an hour a day to think! A man who has achieved so much can't be wrong there!


  11. Spending time with oneself also helps in retrospection – regreting some decisions / mistakes, looking ahead (short term / long term). And appreciating God's work! How he intended life to be and how different we are right now! 🙂


  12. Yes Bikram. If we aren't happy with ourselves, we can never ever be happy. Same thing, we need to treat ourselves well and give us the utmost priority, and then the rest of the puzzles in life will fall in place.

    And, I'm numero uno for myself too. Cheers on that 🙂


  13. Good that you have ample time for yourself. And yes, when I am alone, I tend to get occupied with some thoughts or the other and one would rarely find me saying that I'm bored because there is no one for company!


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