A few of us from the Chennai Bloggers club(Oh yes, by the way we have a bloggers club, exclusively for the Β bloggers who belong to Chennai) took the initiative to organize a meet to celebrate the first Anniversary of the club. We planned, a lot. We were skeptical about the numbers. Still, the meet was on and we kept our fingers crossed.

It was heartening to see so many of them turn up and head across to join the others in conversation. As I always keep saying, it is nice to get to know a lot of people, from different backgrounds. People whom we would not have normally met in any other ordinary circumstances. I knew many of them even before the meet, so I took the initiative to introduce people to the latest entrants to the group. I did have fun talking with each and everyone, old friends and new friends , catching up with what was going on in their life. It was really nice.

We spent about 3 hours together. A wonderful 3 hours, I should say. There was fun, frolic and laughter. Thanks to a suggestion from one of our members, for the benefit of everyone we asked people to introduce themselves to the group. When people were telling about themselves I couldn’t help wondering how a small art, the art of writing, could actually bring so many of us together. Making a rough list of the profiles of the people who were a part of the meet, I can confidently say that there were people from about 8 different professions there.

Isn’t it interesting? How one small passion among so many different people, brings them all together?Not just in the virtual world, but in reality too? It’s nice to get to know the face behind the blog. The face behind soul stirring poems, wonderful stories and tempting delicacies. It helps build the friendship that is cultivated over the Internet and goes a step further and helps us know the other person, on a much better level.

As outgoing as I am, I never miss an opportunity to socialize.It’s always nice to know people and even better when one is able to maintain the contacts and establish a good network. Thanks to many things in my life, I’ve a wonderful network of people and more importantly, I might not talk to them every now and then, but I know how to maintain my contacts, lest their memory feels I don’t deserve a space there.

This was a wonderful opportunity for me, to meet new people and get to know them well. I’m overwhelmed by how people recognized me by my name and blog. At the end of the day, what matters is the impact you leave on people.

Here’s to the Chennai Bloggers Club and the wonderful Bloggers there. Cheers!