Lighting Up Lives!

I read this somewhere about Bringing Light to People’s Lives.
‘I do not want to be the Sun in your life, and give light when everything is bright.’
‘I wish to be the Moon in your life and give light when there is darkness everywhere’
It is easy to stand by someone when many people are already supporting him/her,

But it matters a lot, to stand by someone when no one is there to support him/her.

Happy Karthigai Deepam 🙂

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  1. Wish you a happy Karthigai too, Ashwini! The lamp looks so sweet and evocative. At first glance the pic at the top looked like a lamp atop a mountain! Blame it on my bad eye 🙂


  2. Standing with your friends right or wrong is a MUST .. Good friends will always stand by you.. maybe later they might beat you up.. but when the hours comes they will stand ..

    I have been blessed with so many friends , blogger friends Who I think will do that same ..

    Happy Karthigai to you tooo and your family and everyone around you 🙂

    those all lovely pics 🙂



  3. The sight of an earthen lamp or a deepak or a deeya evokes many feelings and conjures up many images. Lamp is a source and symbol of light which could be the light of knowledge that dispels ignorance or it could well be the light of joy that dispels sorrow. I am reminded of a famous nazm by the poet Iqbal, which was sung as a school prayer in my father's time:

    Lab pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna meri
    Zindagi shamma ki soorat ho khudaya meri

    – which suma up the lofty purpose of human life .
    Another quote that comes to mind is ” ….when the lamp of justice goes out, how great is the darkness. The humble looking , ubiquitous lamp has lessons to learn and example to follow for all !
    Nice post as usual, Ashwini !


  4. Well Said Bikram. The question is not about agreeing, It is about being there at those crucial moments. Yes, you have a huge bunch of friends, who would stand by you, come what may. Thank you 🙂


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