Enough Said. Is there a Solution?

It is indeed a sad day for all of us. One of our sisters, who was one among us had to leave the world. Well I wouldn’t say she had to leave, she was forced to leave, after the horrible treatment meted out to her. And isn’t it surprising to realize that the very people who were responsible for her condition are still present amongst us? Alive and kicking.

Over the past few days there has been an outrage in social media, condemning the incident. The blame game started and people blamed the government, the Police. Some notable citizens went further and remarked that women should be modestly dressed and went on to speak something that they had to regret later. These days anyone and everyone seem to be giving advice to others, just because a medium of reaching out to the larger audience is available.

All said and done, after all the incisive back to back interviews, discussions and debates, how different are we today? Have we been able to witness anything close to a solution for this? Has the young girl’s death not taught us a lesson? There is a lot of hue and cry but what exactly are we going to do about it? Shouldn’t justice be served and shouldn’t the culprits be punished. Shouldn’t this send a message to all the perverts there who think they can get away with anything?

I feel, every one of us is to be blamed. Men and Women. It wouldn’t be fair on my part to blame men in general. That’s like refusing to smile forever because someone made you cry long back. It is because we are insensitive to what is happening around us that some people take advantage. Oh come on, don’t get all worked up and ask me ‘How can you say we are insensitive?’ .We have been raising our voices for the girl’.

Let me ask you something. Every day, there are thousands who travel in public transport. There are many out there, taking advantage of the proximity and creating intolerable problems for women. Some of them do not dare to open their mouth, while some of them get irritated and probably wouldn’t think twice before slapping them. Did you, as a fellow traveler, support the woman who was tormented, by at least reprimanding the individual? Did you at least show some form of support for her?

Another scenario. Two women are out shopping at a local market. Some fellow comes and tries to misbehave with one of the women. Let’s say that the two women act smart and overpower the man.  In most situations the women are left to defend for themselves to set free from the clutches of these kind of fellows. I don’t mean to say that nobody offers to help, it’s just that the proportion of those who would help people in distress, in these kinds of situations, is relatively low.

So, on an average, if someone were to target a woman, the chances of him facing some opposition would be minimum. This statistics has to be changed and the ability to change this lies in our own hands. So first let’s take a call and take a firm resolution to ensure that we extend our support to anyone who needs it, rather than just blaming others (though they deserve to be blamed).

As for the punishments and other precautionary measures, I agree with all those people who say that they culprits have to be hanged and tortured by instilling in them a sense of fear. Yes, fast track courts are required to handle all these cases quickly, but before that, let’s not forget that even we have a duty and let us do our duty well.

Looking up to the government to bring about a change is like hoping for a miracle. The chances of that happening are very bleak. This is something that concerns the citizens and if something can be done by us that would benefit others, why don’t we do that, instead of just depending on people who hold meetings and discussions and refuse to come to a conclusion.

Rest in Peace, Nirbhaya. We will not let your death go in vain.

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