2012, the year that was!

As clichéd as it might sound, 2012 has been one of the fastest years ever in my life. To think of it, I was celebrating new year, then my birthday and once work started I just have this distant memory of travelling back and forth, enjoying the travel more than the destination many a time. Then there was this time when I had to manage home all by myself when mom and dad were abroad for a while. After that I got to take a wonderful holiday to Kashmir, one place that I’ve wanted to go for so long and glad that my wish was granted. Now, all of a sudden I see myself coming back to the New Year again.

I shouldn’t be complaining since I like being busy (not pretending to be busy), but 2012 was hectic indeed. I had a lot of things to do and I’m happy that something was keeping me occupied.  I had time to read, I had time to write, I had time to blog, I had time to read what others write and write about what I read. I had time to learn swimming, something that I’d promised myself during the New Year 2012. I had time to listen to music, stay up to date with what was happening on Facebook, and got hooked on to twitter. I never missed listening to my favorite songs from the latest albums, ‘Dil Se’ and ‘Kun faya Kun’ on a daily basis. I took time off to sharpen by driving skills and I’m pretty comfortable driving on the road, especially on the flyover, still I’m a bit cautious. Trying to perfect it by the end of next year 😉

Apart from that did I enjoy 2012? Oh yes, despite having to stay for long hours at work (not work for long hours, just stay for long hours) and even being forced to work during the weekends, I got time to hang out with friends for movies, food and theater. This is what happens when you come across like-minded people; you have busy schedules but still make time for friends. I’m grateful to all those people whom I got to stay in touch with and who valued my company. Thanks guys.

Do I regret anything about 2012? Well, I am someone who believes that everything, every little thing happens for a reason, a good reason. So despite there being moments which I wouldn’t be very happy about, they did teach me a lot. I do not specifically regret about anything, but I wish I got more time to watch more movies. I did watch, but just a few of them.

At the outset, 2012 has been a wonderful year. Firstly, I was able to spend time for things that matter a lot to me. Second, in just this one year I would have made met about 100 to 150 people(apart from work), somewhere through someone and I try and stay connected as much as I can. There can be nothing quite close to the joy of meeting new people and getting to know them. Third, my blog is reaching out to a lot of people, my stats tells me so and I’m not complaining. Be it a wedding, or a family get together or even at work or at an old friend’s reunion, people come up to me and talk to me about my blog. I can’t stop feeling happy and proud when people come all the way to appreciate me. I mentally play them again and again in my mind, in a loop.

Only a few days back I realized that a major portion of my life revolves around my blog. Not that you would find me venting out or sharing my deepest secrets here or in social media (For that matter, some people confuse my regular updates as updates about my life and about what I’m doing) but apart from the time that I work, I would always be reading about how to write better, how to avoid mistakes that people might not even notice, how to make the blog better and so on. Whenever I get new ideas to write (while walking back home, while taking the stairs, while waiting for my coffee, while listening to music, while dozing, while in the shower, while wondering why my code wouldn’t run, while pretending to listen to what the speaker is trying to convey in a technical session, while listening to someone ramble on and on) I try and make a note of it in my phone.  That is why I have about 43 items in my drafts and half the messages in my inbox are from me. And when I come across something interesting, my immediate reaction would be “Hey I should tweet about that” or if it requires some lines to be written, “Hey I should blog about that”. Hope you get the drift.

By God’s grace, 2012 has been a wonderful year for me, a year that has so many wonderful memories and a year that I would always remember for many reasons. Sometimes it felt as if I were on a roller coaster ride, but I did enjoy every part of it. There was a lot of activity around and that kept me occupied. Thank you God for the wonderful year

Looking forward to another wonderful year! Good night 2012. Good Morning 2013 🙂

Happy New Year people :-). Have a wonderful year ahead.

May God Bless you all and May all your dreams be fulfilled and May you receive everything that you wish for. 🙂

35 thoughts on “2012, the year that was!

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  1. I wish someone in family/social gatherings would come up and tell me that my blog is good. I will stop blogging then. Because my goal is already achieved! 🙂

    43 drafts? My God, you seem to be some serial blogger 😉

    Wishing you a very happy new year, may you have even more drafts in the coming year. I wonder how you can resist the temptation to publish once you write something. I find it very difficult!

    Destination Infinity


  2. That was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful Year, Ashwini. You, to whom I prefer to refer as the little one, are such a sweet girl. May god bless you in all his mighty ways. Wishing you all the very best for the coming year ahead and may all the tasks on your list be completed. btw, I also keep getting ideas like you did at crazy moments..while I am in a training session..while driving..many ideas in the middle of the night…at 3. am lol..


  3. Hah, a well composed one! you have several drafts and inbox messages huh? 😀 I have so many photos nearly 100 in my cell taken by me for blogging 😛

    Wish you a new year 2013 🙂


  4. Nice post and you write well.Felt good reading iut.First time here
    Happy new year
    And ‘Kun faya Kun' – OMG i just love that song…and you should listen to khwaja mere khwaja from Jhodha Akbhar same genre 🙂


  5. Glad that 2012 was a wonderful one for you, dear Ash. It does feel lovely to look back and smile contently. No mention of CBC? Bad Bad.

    Here's wishing you a blessed and fulfilling 2013.

    Joy always,


  6. Its been a real pleasure knowing you through your blog, Ash. Its lovely to read you had an eventful year and you thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope 2013 brings much more happiness and prosperity. 🙂 Happy New Year. 🙂


  7. Pretty thoughtful and articulated observations.
    If the product at the end is contentment well what else or more should one ask for ?

    I do however wonder why God is discriminating. Good to some of us folks and indifferent to others plight.

    Have a great year ahead.


  8. Ha ha, you know I used to feel so happy when people, specially someone from the family talks about my blogs 🙂

    And I may not be a serial blogger, just that I happen to get a lot of ideas and I make sure I note them down. happy New year 🙂


  9. I was thinking of writing a post on similar lines.. But was not able to remember a lot of stuffs apart from sports :D.. Hehe..

    Here's hoping 2013 will have more wonderful posts from your end and wishing you a great personal, financial and social year ahead 🙂


  10. I am late again 😦 …

    right what you beleive in is the right thing yes all that happens , happens for good and it will happen we cant stop it BUT what we can do is work hard to make it a possibility sooner , or if its anything negative then stand strong and take it on ..

    life is made of ups and downs , if its only ups then we will be very high and when we fall there will be no recovery so up-down is best …

    Take care and wish you and family an very very happy new year 🙂



  11. It's always feel great when people appreciate you specially at place where you would least expect. I would say you are one of those rarest species of humans who kept a promise made to themselves. Good job on it 🙂

    Always a pleasure to read your posts.. Looking forward to more from you in the new year. All d best and have a great New Year! 🙂

    And 43 posts in draft 😮


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