New Year. New Hopes. New Challenges.
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Life would be boring and monotonous if we do not have something to keep us on our feet. Even after a hectic week, we would need just about two days to unwind and let all the stress flow out. Beyond a certain time frame, spending a lot of time doing absolutely nothing would definitely be boring. So it is actually a blessing in disguise if life throws challenges at us every now and then.

But what if Life has stopped throwing challenges, for a certain period of time, but you feel the need to do soething significant?  You take up a challenge on your own.

Ever since I read about the ABC Challenge in Anuradha Srinath(Vaish)’s Blog : Life is beautiful, where I had been tagged,I had this nagging feeling. My heart was constantly asking me to take it up, but my mind was on other things. But now, I feel I should listen to my heart and take up the challenge.

Now what is this ABC Challenge?

This requires a blogger to post pictures, one for every letter. Now, considering that I’ve just begun learning the nuances of Photography, I very gracefully excused myself from that and I decided that I would write posts, one for every letter.

So starting tomorrow, I will write one post for every letter, among other posts too. Are you with me?

A good way for me, to start this new year 🙂

Ready. All set. Go!