ABC Challenge #1 : A for Achiever

Recently when someone asked me what my definition of an achiever was, I said ‘An achiever is someone who sets a goal for himself and successfully completes the task’. When my friend further enquired about what kind of a task befits the definition of an achiever, I found myself coming up with a lot of theories but I wasn’t able to find an exact answer. A little later the realization dawned on me that there can never be a universal definition, and that to each and every person the definition varies.

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God is smart. When he made us human beings, he decided he would keep one thing common to everybody, he made everyone different. So everybody is as unique as everybody else. That’s the similarity. No two people are the same. Similarly no two people face the same situation or obstacles. What appears a mammoth task for someone might be a cakewalk for someone else. That would again depend on a lot of factors. It wouldn’t be appropriate to come to a conclusion and decide who is better. People are good in their own way, but the question still remains.

Why are people always compared? And why a common yardstick is not always successful in bringing out the winner?

Usually a comparison is done to gauge the intelligence or a particular aspect of a person. This would make the life of someone easier, someone who is entrusted with the job of selecting the right candidate. Fair enough, given that in a very short period of time, that is the only available and to an extent a practical option.

Beyond a certain extent, particularly for someone who is at the receiving end, comparison wouldn’t be just. Instead of comparing two individuals who are so different from each other, it would do more good if people are compared with themselves, with their present position and with their past positions. We are talking of the same person, perhaps the same level of intelligence, probably at different situations.

I am not trying to find fault with any procedure. All I’m trying to say is that we shouldn’t take comparison way too seriously. It should be taken with the right amount of seriousness because no one knows us better than us. We would, or at least our conscience would know if we’ve been true to ourselves and we would be the best judge to know if we’ve been able to grow significantly or not.

Every single one of us is good in some way. If people claim that they are of no good, it would just mean that they still haven’t found out what they are good at. Some of us are lucky to find out our strengths at an early age. Some of us might not be that lucky, but eventually, would end up finding out what we are really good at. Beyond that, the choice lies in our hands, whether to pursue what we like or to keep things the same way.

So next time someone asks you about your achievements, tell them what all YOU feel are your achievements. Just because the other person doesn’t seem to think much about it, doesn’t necessarily mean that way. For him it might not be important, but for you, It means everything, hold on to it.


24 thoughts on “ABC Challenge #1 : A for Achiever

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  1. Hmm Hmm !
    Well said.
    Comparison really sux, it should not be given much importance as everyone has different factors being influenced by.
    Set and achieve let the world compared whatever…


  2. Yes, God did a very smart thing, we all are different and I can't understand why we can't accept this. You are right, when someone asks what you have achieved, you need to ask it from what you feel is right.

    Thought provoking!


  3. Agree with Prashanth. And yes, we all deal with different things daily, that sometimes you tend to compare! Great post! If only some people learnt, how to NOT compare!


  4. So we get to read something interesting in the ABC challenge, starting with one letter of the alphabet, is it? Achievement indeed is subjective and as varied as each person and no achievement is big or small as you have pointed out so rightly.


  5. Wow this is a feel good post for a Monday morning. I agree, comparisons somewhere keep you motivated, but one should not loose oneself in the rat race. Feel good about yourself and enjoy this life god has bestowed on you! Lovely words.


  6. WELL SAID.. very true .. yes we are all good . actually all of us have Good and bad inside us .. what we use more makes us what we are ..
    I mean when someone is doing a crime , THEY KNOW ITS A CRIME, yet they do it because the bad in them is more ..

    Achievements can be big or small and that big and small is on the outlook of the third person for me , what ever i achieve is a MILESTONE.. they are all important for its that what makes me ME, and its that which leads me to the next milestone..

    a lovely start to the ABC challenge ..



  7. Thank you Saru 🙂
    Life would become very simple and dull if people accept that 🙂
    We should remember that it is our life and that we should give ourselves utmost priority.


  8. That's the sad fate. It is inevitable, but it all depends on us, whether we would like ourselves to form our opinion based on what others have to say or based on what we feel.


  9. Thank you Bikram 🙂
    Spot on, your words are. Big or small ,it would definitely be a milestone for us,and that would encourage us to move to the next ones. Wonderful words 🙂


  10. Very matured thoughts and introspection.. Indeed, one doesn't need an outsider, no matter how much of an expert he/she might be, to judge you. Judging one's past and present actions by himself would be enough to know what one has truly achieved.. once again, very nicely written post Ashwini..


  11. posting a comment here has become one of the biggest challenges buddy…ok lemme try…to check whether this registers..meanwhile all the best to u dear friend and wishes


  12. Finding what we are good at is one thing, but being allowed to do it is another thing altogether. The problem is, our society has a simplified monosyllable way of looking at things – Good education, engineer/doctor, software job, overseas trip, money/house/car, marriage/kids, retirement, death. Many would consider this to be the success formula. For many, this is the only formula.

    That's where the west society beats us hands down. There is a healthy culture of taking risks and people are rewarded for it. Here, 'settled life' and 'secure income' is the only thing that matters. We will pay the price for this attitude.

    Destination Infinity


  13. Very interesting Ashwini.. Here, the thing is, children are made to think they are achievers only of they secure a rank in their exams.. This continues throughout the academics. And when we reach corporate life, we are judged based on numbers again.. Life! As you rightly pointed out, we all are different. If this piece of information is provided to children, the next generation will be much better and more creative 🙂


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