This is one among the many photos that I clicked at Mughal Gardens, Srinagar.
Sometimes, we find ourselves unable to breathe properly. We find ourselves confined to a space and we impose restrictions on ourselves. We assume and take things in our hand and console our hearts that the self imposed imprisonment is for the best.

It is sad to think that many people are pushed to a corner and forced by others to live in restricted quarters. What is worse is when we force ourselves to do so.

When we are young our elders choose to instill in us a sense of fear to inculcate discipline and to avoid unnecessary explanations. Without realizing (their folly) we tend to narrow down out vision and learn to make ourselves happy with what we have.

As we grow up, we do come across some mentors who would enlighten us encourage us to break free from all restrictions to lead the life that we want, in a manner that we desire. Once we start broadening our minds and thinking beyond the horizon and visualize how it would be to break free, we set out with hopes and dreams of jumping out and flying high.

Life is not a fairy tale. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Sometimes we are totally clueless as to whether the situation would do us good or if it works the other way. Some people tend to give up and get back to square one. There are a few out there who are resilient and rise from the ashes with more determination to succeed and overcomes the obstacles.

In the end, some people succeed in accomplishing their task. Some people don’t. Some people keep trying. A few people don’t. But do you know what matters the most? It isn’t the thought of winning or losing. It is about how we take failures, how we learn from mistakes; our mistakes and others’ mistakes, and how we fight with the right to ward off destiny throws at us.

We might not end up where we think we would, but to think that we’d put in efforts to ensure that we work towards it is far more heartening than to carry a lifelong regret  for refusing to take that one big step, on the judgement day.