The Vista D90 Experience!

Like any other day, I logged into Facebook to stay in touch with what was happening around the world. A blogger friend of mine, Sowmya had posted something in our Chennai Bloggers Club page. A bright red poster from Blogadda was occupying a lot space on the wall. Reading further I realized that it was a Product Review. 30 Bloggers were to be given an opportunity to experience Tata Motor’s  latest car, Vista D90, for a period of 3 days. Since I was in the initial stage of driving a car (having taken my license almost a year back) I was interested  with this offer and immediately registered and kept my fingers crossed.

The good-natured and kind-hearted souls at Blogadda selected my name for the Product review. I got a mail from them confirming that I was one among the 30 lucky people who would get to experience the car for a full three days. God, I was so happy and so excited.


On January 13th I got the car. It was home delivered :-). The car looked great. The striking red colour seemed to enhance its persona. The moment I saw the car, I liked it. So the first impression was ,WOW.Before you read further, let me warn you that I’m not an automobile freak and don’t expect anything too technical.

As a beginner, I found it very comfortable to drive. It was a treat to drive along the East Coast Road(ECR) . Dad took turns driving with me along the ECR and he seemed to be very impressed by the car as well. He felt that the engine was very powerful for a vehicle of that kind. We were able to drive from 0 to 90kmph in about 13 seconds. The power steering works by a hydraulic system, that helps the driver retain control of the vehicle when driving at high speeds. The side view mirrors can be controlled internally and not necessarily by rolling down the window every time.

The interiors are very spacious, specially for the passengers at the rear, where three people can be seated comfortably. The seats at the rear can be folded to be utilized as a part of the boot space.  The Air conditioning was good, within minutes of starting the car we were able to feel the draft. The dashboard was broad and it displayed the temperature, time and  distance to empty .The last one mentioned, was an interesting feature; the possible distance that could be covered with the amount of fuel at that present time was displayed.  The music system had provisions for USB and Bluetooth too, and volume controls were also made available in the steering wheel. So one needn’t look away from the road to adjust the settings.

We took a drive to North Madras and the car seemed to withstand the rugged roads of the place. The clutch was a bit difficult to handle, but not to the extent of being a menace.
Over all, on a scale of 10, considering the safety, the comfort, the existing features and the additional features, I would rate it 7 on 10. If at all I plan to buy a mid sized car, I would definitely consider this.

I would like to thank Blogadda and Tata Motors for making this happen and for giving me three days of fun with this car 🙂

This post is a part of the Product Reviews , an initiative by Blogadda.

22 thoughts on “The Vista D90 Experience!

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  1. I'm an admirer of the Tatas. But once after driving the Indica for a couple of years, I felt that the Tatas have stereotyped the Indian psyche that the Ambassador genre are the best suitable for Indians. I found the Indica a glorified Ambassador.
    Perhaps as you say the current version from the Tata stable that you drove may be exceptional.But I may have to be persuaded very much to remotely even think of buying another Tata car.


  2. Wow! Congrats Ashwini! And a great car experience indeed.. 🙂 I didnt know we can have the car for 3 days. Just thought it's a test drive and a review on our blog.. Unlucky me, I must say.. 😀


  3. Looks like you had fun with the Vista 🙂 I love the color. It looks royal and stylish at the same time 🙂

    Also, great review. You've covered almost all the aspects of the car. The controls on the steering must be a great feature.

    Keep blogging, cheers! 🙂


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