For a while, I was clueless about what I was going to write for E. Nothing seemed to be appropriate. Thanks to the small kid who was asking his father about why he kept hearing his own voice over and again, for having given me another idea for my blog πŸ™‚

Just so you know, echoesΒ aren’tΒ restricted to Physics alone, they have a lot of significance in our everyday lives too.

Wikipedia says, Echoes are reflections of sound,Β arriving at the listener some time after the direct sound.

Think about this. There is one world. Some people like to live here, some people don’t. Some people are always cynical, while some can’t stop lavishing praises on its beauty. But still, there is just this one world. How is all this possible?

Though there might be just one world, the way each person looks at it is different. What might be endearing for one might be intimidating to the other. I vividly remember reading somewhere that what we get back from the world depends on how we look at it. For instance if we look at it lovingly, we would feel loved in return. If we look at it with hatred, we would definitely feel the same feeling coming back to us. So what we give, comes right back to us.

That is the reason many self help books focus on the need to stay positive and to develop a positive attitude. When I was young, my Grandma used to narrate so many stories. All of them had the same moral. Be good, do good and think good. She used to emphasize that irrespective of whatever happens, we must never steer away from the path of goodness. She used to say that God maintained a book for all of us in which he notes down our vice and virtues. Β When the appropriate time comes, God would reward or punish us depending on which side the scales tilted.

We might not know when and how our good/bad deeds would appear before us. So in the most life threatening situations, when one hopes for something good to happen, people call it a miracle. Actually, it’s not a miracle; it is just our good deeds coming back to us. Similarly, our whole world might come crashing down in a second that is our not-so-good deeds coming back to us.

So what I learned is, never to interfere much with the ways of life. All we have to do is to stay true to ourselves. If we are good, God will bless us with good things. If somebody hurts us, we need not take the trouble of seeking vengeance, their own deeds would come back to them, tenfold. All we have to do is to be true to ourselves.